Complicated Difference Part 45

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So, the story of your life: no more school; you share a house with cute guys who all like you, help you, and want to keep you safe; and, of course, there are plenty of powers to make it all interesting.

What happened last: erik has to use his powers to hold certain people back and to let the rest of you escape. you must leave him behind and go with the others. will you see him again?

Created by: pixystixlove94 of Site of Complicated Difference
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  1. You follow the group out of the temple, the rain beating down upon you. The thunder sounds menacing and the lightning seems brighter. There are steps created into the side of the valley that take you from the temple to another place that is lower. It seems like the best bet, for now, and might lead somewhere better than the impending danger you're currently facing.
  2. You descend the stone steps, being careful not to slip, and finally reach the bottom. You are down in the valley now and there's an opening into the side of the valley, not far away. Needing to escape the storm and remove yourself from the open view, the guys followed you over to the opening and you peered in, seeing if something was there waiting.
  3. Thankfully, there was nothing. You slightly relax, though not completely, and enter this cave-like area, escaping the rain. Your clothing and hair are soaked and you can feel the drops of water falling to the ground. There is no back to this "cave" but you can't see where it leads. Fog is covering that view, from wall-to-wall, ground-to-ceiling. It's dense and dark grey, like the sky outside. You contemplate in your mind whether you should check it out or remain where you are.
  4. Your father looks at you... with a strange, lost look in his eyes. There's something weird about that gaze, something's different. He just stares blankly, as if he's looking past you. Then he lazily turns and starts slowly walking to the back, toward the fog... and stepping into it.
  5. You can't see him and know something's wrong. Paul demands in a hushed tone, "Go! He's possessed, by something, let's go! We don't know what we're facing!" The rest of you rush into the fog...
  6. It's difficult to see anything but shapes and shadows. You can see the figure of your father ahead, but also the figure of someone else. The other person had their arms raised and something glowing around them. Your father seemed to be walking to this mysterious figure. You weren't sure who it was or what it was, but you couldn't take the chance. You knew you just had to act.
  7. Teleporting behind the figure and drawing your sword simultaneously, you lodge your sword within the mysterious body, of which you now see clearly. Blood runs from the wound and the body tumbles forward. You remove your stained sword and see your father fall to his knees. Wesley runs to him and makes sure he's okay... and lets you know that he's fine and there's no need to worry.
  8. You look down at the body. It's a man, wearing some sort of ritualistic outfit. There's an emblem on the shoulder with the words "Elisa" and "Le Mal." You're just glad he didn't get your father... and it's one less person to face.
  9. Someone runs into the cave from the opening, you can see their shape and hear the tapping of their shoes. You pull your sword back up to normal level and everyone else gets ready. Then Paul's voice gives a slight echo, "wait! It's Erik!" and everyone lowers their defences. Erik embraces you for a nice minute... before noticing the dead guy on the floor next to you... then he gives you a strange, questioning look. You slightly smile and say, "I'll explain another time..."
  10. The fog lets up a little and you see a large opening to another room. All of you step inside... the floor is tiled with a checkered pattern; the walls are white and elegantly designed. There are chairs and potted plants here and there, along with a few pillars. It seems very random but also has a tint of beauty. Large, white doors on the other side begin to swing open...
  11. Who do you like?

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