Complicated Difference Part 44

So, the story of your life: no more school; you share a house with cute guys who all like you, help you, and want to keep you safe; and, of course, there are plenty of powers to make it all interesting.

What happened last: You all went to the other temple and went downstairs into this long hallway... there was a part of the stone wall that looked different than the rest of the wall and it began to move...

  1. Nearly ready to attack what was coming, you have to calm yourself as you realize it's a familiar face. "What a relief!" Erik said in a hushed tone, "Get in here! All of you, quickly!" You rushed inside the small little room and watched as Erik concentrated to slowly slide the stone back into place. There were torches along the walls, also, which you were grateful for because you could actually see. You looked to the back corner when you spotted some movement. "...P-Pumpkin?" you hear and you dash over there to give a huge hug.
  2. "Woah, careful," your dad says, his face changing with pain, "We had a rough landing and dealt with some interesting people on the way." You see blood on the side of his shirt and realize his heavy breathing. "Wesley!" you yell, "Hurry, help!" He comes over and places his hands above the wound. The light appears between the two and you begin to look around more now that you know he's being healed. Adam still needs some help, too, and you figure this is the best time for everyone to rest up and get ready for what might come next.
  3. You take a seat on the cold, hard floor. At least the torches in this small vicinity create some warmth; it's better than being outside, drenched, and in the wind that came with the storm. Erik opens a crate that's near the opening he closed with stone; you're surprised to find food and water. He takes some and sits next to you, handing it to you and watching as you stuff your face with it. "We passed through a fancy kitchen on our way... it's where we ran into some trouble because there were some enemies in there already. We decided to grab some stuff after it was all over and bring it with us just in case. Thankfully we stumbled upon this place. This was just an open little room; I figured I could give us some time by closing the entrance off. Shortly after that, I felt your presence. Once you came closer, I took my chances by removing the stone, and I'm glad I did." You finish the food he handed you and smile at him.
  4. You see that your father is fully healed, and everyone has joined you in sitting down. Wesley is next to Adam, working on his wounds from earlier. After that's done, everyone takes time to eat and drink and rest up. You and Wesley are the ones who definitely need the time after using up so much energy. A lot of talking goes on and the stories of everyone's travels are passed around.
  5. "For some reason we landed together," your dad begins, "Erik and I. He landed on some fluffy couch... I got the hard floor." He paused and everyone laughed, though were also sympathetic. "Yeah," he started up again, "It's funny now, haha, but at the time it hurt! Anyway, we got up and brushed ourselves off. There were two doors that we saw and the one we chose first... ended up being a closet instead. Funny, until we actually realized there was a door hidden behind the coats that were inside, which, thinking back on it, we probably should have taken some of those before leaving." He chuckled lightly and continued once again, "We ended up in some hallway that led straight into a kitchen. We weren't aware that there were four people in there. One got me in the side with something; I'm not sure what. They were pretty basic enemies, though. No amazing powers."
  6. Your father spoke once more, "After that happened, we found this room and thought it was so strange. We walked in and went to the left immediately, just wanting to get under some sort of shelter. That's when we found this." More conversations went on and things seemed great for once in so long. That's when Adam got a look on his face and whispered, "Shhhhh. Stay still, be quiet."
  7. His heightened hearing caught what was coming next. You hear footsteps coming near. Each of you stiffen, unsure what will happen and trying to remain quiet. There's mumbling between two people happening down the hallway. They get closer and closer and you hear a question asked about a room...
  8. All of you quickly look at each other in confusion and terror. Erik gets a look on his face, he seems determined, and stares at Paul. Paul nods and it seems like there was an unspoken conversation. That's when Paul looked at you and gave a reassuring expression. The people outside began to try to move the stone doorway or break it open or anything just to get through. Erik was using his powers to fight against them. He didn't know if he could hold off long, especially if there was someone out there that was like him. Simultaneously, he strained himself to try to open the ceiling of the room and form a rough set of stairs to lead upwards.
  9. Surprisingly, he gets it done, though you figure he must be running out of strength. "Go!" he told all of you. There was no time for hesitation. Everyone went up the stairs and back onto the upper floor of the temple, telling you to hurry and join them. You longingly look over at Erik, not wanting to leave him. "_________, go! I'll be fine. I will rejoin all of you soon. Just go!" His eyes study your face and you know he means it. You can't stay any longer and it hurts to leave like that. You go up the stairs he made and get ready to face whatever may await you.
  10. Who do you like?

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