Complicated Difference Part 36

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So, the story of your life: no more school; you share a house with cute guys who all like you, help you, and want to keep you safe; and, of course, there are plenty of powers to make it all interesting.

What happened last: You were patrolling the area with Erik. The two of you split up and you were taken. You fought but nothing helped and you ended up blacking out.

Created by: pixystixlove94 of Complicated Difference website!
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  1. ...You wake to find yourself in a cell; 3 stone walls around you, and one side of the room with just metal bars and a locked door made similar in structure. You try to get up, but you're chained to the chair you're in. A woman walks by the barred side of the room; she has long, brown hair that's in one braid down her back, and she's wearing a long, dark purple dress. She looks over at you, "Oh, you're awake. That's good; you've been asleep for so long."
  2. You struggle and try to use your powers to escape, but you can't for some reason. The woman chuckles, "You still believe you have powers, huh? I told you that it was a dream; don't you remember?"
  3. You wonder if that's really true... it couldn't be, you think she must be lying... You hear a horrifying scream down the hallway, the woman outside of your cell just smiles and says, "They must have started the weekly torture sessions. Now that you're awake, I'll have to add you to the list." She smiles eerily and then walks away.
  4. You struggle, trying to free yourself. You hear more screaming, but from different people. Then you see a familiar face walking toward your cell, blood staining his clothing. He bends the bars open enough so he could fit through, then runs to you and snaps the chains that are holding you down. "Pumpkin, are you okay?!" he frantically says. You've never been happier to hear that nickname.
  5. Your dad pulls you to your feet and says, "Don't panic, pumpkin, but... we basically broke in here a few minutes ago, everyone in this building is after us, and it's a bit of a bloodbath out there. So we need to hurry to get you away." Your eyes widen and your mind is still filled with many questions, but you hear the urgency in his voice and decide to follow him out of the cell quickly. You see what the screams were from... it wasn't the torture sessions like that lady had thought; it was from the battles between the workers from this building and the guys you know and love. You don't have the time to search through the bodies to make sure none of the guys were lying there.
  6. You follow your father down this blank hallway. The cement walls are a grey color, along with the floor and the ceiling. Turning left, you see more wreckage left from other battles, and you look away from the gruesome sight. The two of you exit through a door and end up in some sort of courtyard. There were trees and flowers... how strange considering what goes on inside of the door you just passed through. The vibrant green grass was splattered with dark red. "˜Great,' you think sarcastically, "˜more wonderful scenes.'
  7. There was a fence on one side of this courtyard; the other sides were filled with cement walls. You noticed the metal fence was bent to create an opening and guessed that was your dad's doing. He says to you, "The guys know where to meet up later. We can't wait here for them; it's too dangerous for your sake. You're vulnerable right now because of those chains." He picks you up and takes you through the opening, running over the hill-filled landscape until finding the edge of a forest. He sets you down gently and looks around, scanning the area, "It's clear. Follow me, but try to remain quiet. There's a small cave deeper into the forest and we'll have to camp there; they ruined our boat earlier once we arrived."
  8. The two of you reach the cave. You sit on the hard, cold ground and relax for a bit now that you're able to. Your dad decides to go gather some wood to create a fire; you clutch your sword while he's gone, terrified of being taken again. He returns soon afterwards, huge logs in his hands which he places to the side of the cave. He starts a fire with some of the logs in the middle of the cave and you slide closer to feel the warmth. "I'm guessing you have many questions right now," your dad says with a slight laugh.
  9. "Tell me everything you can think of to tell me; I have too many questions to list," you quietly mumble. He studies your face for a while, attempting to read your emotions, then decides to begin. "I received a call from Wesley telling me that you were taken. So, of course, I hurried to L'endroit Magique in order to help them. I had a hunch about where you were taken, and obviously I was right. We arrived here by boat; the enemies met up with us and we tried to escape but ended up fighting, one of the enemies made our boat explode... whether by a power or by some weapon, I don't really know. Since you were unconscious, Paul was unable to search for your mind. Erik could sense where you were slightly and Adam changed himself in order to try and catch your scent, and that's what took us to the facility. I got us in through that fence, but they were already alerted to our presence here. We fought our way through the building, and when you awoke Paul knew where you were. He told me to go get you, probably because of my power, and they continued to fight. Their rage carried them, I think... especially Adam, you know how he gets. Anyways, those chains weakened you; they are a special kind that depletes your powers when touching you. It will take a while for you to recover."
  10. "Well," you begin, "where are we...?"
  11. Who do you like?

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