Complicated Difference Part 29

So, the story of your life: no more school; you share a house with cute guys who all like you, help you, and want to keep you safe; and, of course, there are plenty of powers to make it all interesting.

What happened last: [____] kissed you, but then he received a call from Marly. Marly said that you might want to talk to Oren.

Created by: pixystixlove94 of Complicated Difference
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  1. You arrive at HQ and are sent to a room you've never been in before. It's rather small and plain, and there's one table in the center. There are two chairs that face each other. You felt like you were in the interrogation room. The guard that brought you there told you to sit down and get comfortable, so you chose one of the chairs and began waiting.
  2. You hear a buzzing noise and the door opens. Oren steps through the doorway first, hands cuffed behind his back. There's another guard behind him. That guard sits Oren down in the chair facing you and takes the handcuffs off of him, and then the two guards leave the room. You stare blankly at Oren, expecting him to have something he needed to tell you, but instead he sat there quietly. You decide to think about what you should ask...
  3. You get your thoughts together enough to form careful questions, "Well, firstly, who are you?" Oren looks at you with apprehension, "My name is Oren. I live at the house you came to earlier." You know there is more to the story. "Okay, Oren," you begin, "tell me about yourself. Who was this "˜wretched woman' you worked for? And why do you live in the woods all alone? Be honest." Sorrow and regret fills his facial features. It's easy to tell that this is difficult for him. Oren looks down at the table and begins his story, "I arrived here and befriended those around me who live in this town. I was well-liked and had learned an awful lot. But, the whole time I was working for Elisa. She made me learn as much as I could about this town and about the activity going on here. I had to take the knowledge I had and tell it to Elisa. That was my job, I was basically a spy. This town grew on me, I began to like it here, and I liked the people who lived here. I decided to turn myself in. I went to HQ and requested a meeting with the leaders. Because of my honesty, I was able to remain here. But, I had to live out in the woods; I could no longer live within the town area. If I hadn't have been honest, if instead they caught me, I would've surely faced death. Elisa wasn't happy when she realized what I had done or that I no longer worked for her, but the leaders protected me from her rage."
  4. "Could you answer something else for me?" you ask. He looked at you, finally meeting your eyes, and nodded his head. "How did Daymian know about the book?" you question. Oren looks as though he suddenly came to a huge realization. "He would have known because a long time ago I was the one who told Elisa that such a book existed. I never mentioned where it was or who had written it. Elisa gave me a device to place in the area of the book. A device which would alert her if the book was able to be taken; which, really, that would mean if the door was ever opened. I thought I had disabled it. Once I confessed, I went to destroy it. I have no idea how he knew; maybe Elisa has a new spy, or maybe it was just a lucky guess." Just then, the guards entered and said that time was up. Oren was taken away in handcuffs; you didn't worry because you knew he would only serve jail time. You left that room with much more knowledge than you entered it with.
  5. You're terribly exhausted, since you haven't slept in who knows how long. You teleport back to the house with what energy you have left; once you arrive, you see Paul, Adam, and Wesley cleaning the place up. You guessed that Erik is in bed to finish healing. You can tell you must look the way you feel by the way everyone's been telling you to get some sleep. You slowly walk up the stairs, and then down the corridor to your room. You thought it was ironic that your door actually opens now that there is no emergency.
  6. You change into something much more comfortable. Then, you climb into your cozy bed and sleep for hours. You awake with a sense of alarm. Worried, you get out of bed and open your door, noticing that it's now dark out. Turning invisible just in case, you walk down the hallway and then down the stairs; you don't see anyone and assume they're all sleeping. You don't hear anything else, and everything seems to be okay.
  7. Glancing at the clock on the wall, you see that it's 3am. You decide to go back to sleep for a little longer. As you walk up the stairs you see Adam coming out of his room. He gets closer and you say, "Hi Adam!" Startled, he jumps and lets out a high-pitched scream. You forgot that you were invisible. You released your energy and fell to the floor laughing, even though he was giving you "˜the look' since he didn't think it was so funny. The rest of the guys came out of their rooms and laughed after finding out what happened.
  8. After everything calmed down, and before everyone went back to bed, you told the guys that you felt worried. Erik said, "I can sense that actually. Since I'm your guardian and need to know what's going on I can usually tell how you're feeling." Wesley started in, "My room is across from yours, so if you need anything just let me know." Paul and Adam offered to do a scan of the area, but they found nothing. The guys decided to take turns keeping watch throughout the rest of the night.
  9. You sleep for a few more hours and awake to the morning sunshine pouring through your bedroom window. You take a quick shower and get dressed, then walk out into the corridor. Though, you hear something going on downstairs. You could hear a familiar voice saying, "I only came here to warn you. There is one person over there that is willing to give me information and I've decided to use it wisely. She says she doesn't know what they are planning to do, but that they are furious with how things have turned out." You then hear Paul's voice, "Shh, she's awake." Wesley invites this guest to the dining room to wait for breakfast to be ready, while Paul comes up the stairs and tells you to come to the dining room with him. You walk in to see...
  10. Who do you like?

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