Complicated Difference Part 23

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So, the story of your life: no more school; you share a house with cute guys who all like you, help you, and want to keep you safe; and, of course, there are plenty of powers to make it all interesting.

We left off where you captured Nethro and are on the way back to the car. You ask the guys about what happened with that arrow that was flying at you but then hit the wall instead.

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  1. You look around at the guys. "That was me," Wesley answers, "My other power is telekinesis... I saw the arrow flying toward you and I didn't want you to get hurt," he finished with a saddened look. You smiled at him and said, "Thanks," and his sad expression went away, leaving a smile on his face.
  2. All of you follow Erik's lead back to the SUV. An hour or so later, you were back on the island. Two of the guys had hold of Nethro and were leading the way back to Headquarters. You walk through the large doors and the Head Guard was there waiting for you guys, "Ah, you've arrived. Marly is upstairs in the office waiting, come this way." You follow him into the elevator and wait for a few minutes until you get to the top floor. As you walk through the door that leads into the office, you notice that only Marly is sitting there, "Davis, can you please take Nethro to the interrogation room?" The Head Guard (whose name is apparently Davis) nods his head and proceeds to take Nethro out of the room.
  3. "So I see you have successfully completed your mission," Marly says, looking at all of you, "Fantastic job!" he exclaims with a smile. Davis walks in, "Secured and ready for you to interrogate." "Okay, I will be there in a few seconds," Marly said, and Davis exited the room. Marly looked back toward the five of you, "I'll be in touch; we might need your help again sometime." He stands up, and so do the rest of you. The guys walk through the doorway, you go to follow them but Marly stops you, "_____, I have something for you." He takes your hand and places something in it, "You'll know what it's for."
  4. You turn and head back through the door as you look down at your hand. It's silver and very shiny. You turn it around with your fingers and see that one end is shaped just like a triangle. It's a key.
  5. You slide the key into your pocket and enter the elevator with the rest of the guys. You all joke around randomly before getting back to the main floor. As you walk out of the elevator, you trip, and would've fallen if Wesley hadn't caught you. It seemed as if everyone on the first floor of the building was watching you as it happened. As Wesley helped you re-gain your balance, he was smiling and said "You know, you're cute when you're clumsy."
  6. You and the guys walk back to your house, it's light out now. Wesley gets settled in his room, the empty one that was across from yours, while the other guys are downstairs busy with other things. You decide to check out the attic door that you still haven't been able to explore. You go down the long hallway and open the heavy door where the spiral staircase is. You close the door behind you and turn to face the stairs.
  7. You walk up the stairs; you've longed to open this door ever since you had discovered it. It's hard to control the excitement that you have bubbling inside of you. You reach the top of the stairs and walk up to the mysterious door. Taking the key out of your pocket, you fit the triangle end into the doorknob just right. You turn the key a little bit and hear it unlock the door. You get a smile on your face and have to try hard to keep yourself from bursting through the doorway.
  8. You slowly, cautiously open the large, heavy door. It reveals a small room. The walls are a beige color. There was one small window with white curtains; you pulled the curtains away, letting the light shine through. A huge, beautiful painting hung on the wall across from the window. There's a mahogany table in the middle of the room, the legs were carved with great detail. A white lace tablecloth lay across the table; a lamp was on the table, right next to this rather large book. There was a chair close by, you sat down in it. You were trying to read what it says on the front of the book, but dust was covering it (there was plenty of dust in this room). Right when you went to wipe the dust off, someone walked in.
  9. You look over at the doorway to see blond hair and those big brown eyes. "Hi ______," Wesley said with a smile, "Wow, what's this room about?" "I'm honestly not quite sure; Marly gave me the key to it earlier. I just got in here." "Oh, well I came to tell you that dinner is ready. I knocked on your door and then realized you weren't in there. When I opened the other door, well, I noticed that this one was open too," he replied, walking closer to you. You stood up to follow him back out of the room, but he stopped and turned to you. "______, would you mind if I joined you up here after dinner? I would love to spend some time with you," he asked, with a shy smile. "I wouldn't mind," you replied, and you walked with him all the way to the dining room, saying hello to all of the guys once you get there.
  10. Who do you like?

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