complicated difference part 20

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The end of the last part; You teleported Paul out of the training fields because a fire started. Paul told you that theres still someone left in the fields and you plan to save them.

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  1. You teleport as soon as Paul finishes his sentence. You know that you need to save whoever this may be. You feel the horrible heat against your skin and open your eyes to see flames surrounding you. You yell out, checking to see where this person is at. "Help! I'm over here!" you heard, coming from right in front of you. You rush through the flames as fast as you can, your adrenaline running so high that you feel nothing.
  2. You lunge in the direction from which the voice came. As soon as you touched the person's arm, you made sure to teleport out of the fields. You look around and see only Paul standing there, when his eyes meet yours he lets out a sigh of relief and smiles a little. You smile back and look to your side. It's a young boy, about 6 years old. He looks up at you with tears in his eyes and then hugs you tightly. "Thank you for saving me," he says. You only have enough time to reply "You're welcome," because there are guards walking toward you.
  3. "Is your name ______?" they ask. You tell them that it is. "Well, the leaders would like to talk to you. Come with us, all three of you. The boy's parents are waiting at headquarters." You agree to follow them. As you're walking, Paul looks over at you and asks "Are you okay?" "Yeah, why do you ask?" you reply. "Well..." he says, looking at the rest of you. You follow his eyes and look down at yourself, your clothes are basically black now, with a few holes here n there that were burnt into them. You see a few marks on yourself, burn marks, but you're guessing that your adrenaline is still up because you don't seem to feel them yet.
  4. You get to the huge building that you remember from your first day on this island. You get a bit excited when you realize that you'll be going to the top floor to meet them. You enter through the doors and the young boy runs to his loving parents that were seated on one of the couches. You look behind you to see that Paul is still there; he walks up next to you and gives you a reassuring smile. The guards turn to you, the head guard (or so you guessed that's what he was) said "Well, we have someone who's arriving soon; he can heal you up in no time. He'll also be staying with you from here on out, since the only extra room right now that's at an elite home is where you are staying. First, come with us to meet with the leaders."
  5. You follow the guards into the elevator. The head guard hits the button that's marked 20; it's the highest number on there. You're starting to feel a tiny bit of pain, but it's not that bad. You ignore it and wonder about what might be going on.
  6. You feel the elevator shift to a stop and see the doors slide open. There's a hallway in front of you, with a door at the very end, you follow the guards to it. The head guard swipes his card in the ID-check by the door and it opens, the guards then stay behind and let you and Paul enter. You walk through the doorway to see this large table; there are four chairs on one side of the table, facing the door you came in, and there are four chairs on the other side. The head guard tells you that the leaders will be in shortly, and then shuts the door. While waiting, you look over at Paul and ask "Why do they want to talk to me?" "Well," he says, pausing to scan the area, "I can't get a good reading on them, but it's something about saving the kid. We'll just have to wait and see." You look at the chairs and notice that there are names on each of the ones facing you. Reading all of them in your head, "˜Marly... Tran... Sylva... Darma,' you guessed that they were names.
  7. Four people walk in the room just then; two females, two males. Three of them sit down, and one of the guys pauses, it was obviously Marly since his chair was the only one open. "Please, sit," he says, motioning to the chairs across from them. Once you and Paul sat down, Marly did the same. "Well _____," Marly said, "We see that you had an act of bravery, saving that boy from the fire. We wanted to recognize your powers and the good deed." Tran, the other male, then cut in, "The fire has been put out and we have someone on the way to heal you, because we need you healed fast instead of waiting in a hospital somewhere. It seems to be that the fire wasn't naturally started, and wasn't accidentally started either." Sylva started talking then, "We assume an enemy has somehow breached our security system and had started that fire... We have security cameras set up along the coast of our island to protect everyone that lives here from the greater evil of our kind. Well, in reviewing some of the footage, we caught a glimpse of the man getting onto an unmarked boat and speeding away from the island." Sylva looked over at Darma to let her speak now, "Well, we recognized this man as one of our known enemies. He is known to work for Elisa, which I'm sure you know of her by now, and that leads us to think that he was trying to kill you with this fire that he caused... obviously, he under-estimated your abilities."
  8. Marly started in, "______, we also brought you here because we need your help. Right now the emergency signals are going off because of this, everyone is in their safe areas, and we're going to offer you a chance at a mission. Erik and Adam are on their way here right now, you can fill them in about all of this extra information later, but I'd like to tell all of you about the mission in-person and at the same time. The gentleman that will be healing you is on his way also, as you know, and he will be accompanying you on your mission."
  9. A few minutes later, you hear a buzzing noise and the door behind you opens. Adam and Erik walk through and take the open seats. You smile at both of them, and they do the same back. Someone brought an extra chair up next to you, and you realized the door still hadn't closed. "Everyone has arrived," the head guard said, before letting this other guy through the doorway and closing the door behind him. Everything seemed to slow down as this new guy entered the room. He was thin with a bit of muscle, had medium-length blonde hair, he was tall, wore light-blue ripped jeans and a white t-shirt with writing on it, and he had cute brown eyes that just melted you. Time seemed to go back to normal as he came closer, and you heard Marly say, "Well hello Wesley, it's nice to have you here."
  10. Who do you like?

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