Complicated Difference part 21

So, the story of your life. No more school; you share a house with cute guys who all like you, help you, and want to keep you safe; and, of course, there are plenty of powers to make it all interesting.

We left off were you saved that boy from the fire. The leaders wanted to talk to you, and they explained what really happened. They've brought in the rest of the guys, along with the new guy: Wesley.

Created by: pixystixlove94 of This Site! :)
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  1. Wesley nods to Marly and smiles. He then sits in the chair next to you and leans over, placing his hands over top of a burn on your arm. The area between his hands and your skin begins to glow a light-blue color. After a few seconds, the burn was gone, along with all of the other ones. "Thanks," you muttered as you looked up into his big, brown eyes. "No problem," he replied, with a smile.
  2. Marly clears his throat to get everyone's attention, "I brought all of you here because we need your help. I have a mission, and the five of you will be working together. I believe that all of your powers will make for a very powerful group. So, as all of you know, there was a fire earlier. One of our known enemies started that fire. We need all of you to find this man. Will you agree to do this for us?" he asks.
  3. All of you say yes, and the leaders get a smile on their faces. Sylva starts talking then, "This man's name is Nethro. He works for Elisa. He may be armed with some sort of weapon, and his only power is that he can levitate himself and maybe even others; though he normally doesn't use his power often since he only has enough energy to use it once or twice. He's one of Elisa's weaker acquaintances. He should be stationed on the main land; we have Harry waiting for all of you. Once you get across the water, there will be a black SUV waiting for you; you'll leave when it gets dark. When you do find him, we'd like it if you keep him alive and bring him back here to us. We want to question him on a few things, so only kill him if it's absolutely necessary."
  4. Once the meeting is adjourned, the five of you exit the room to head back downstairs. Then, on the first floor, the head guard gives all of you certain outfits to wear for the mission, all dark clothes of course.
  5. On the way out of the building you grab [______]'s hand and the two of you hold hands all the way to the dock. Harry is already waiting there. You say hello to Harry as you pass him to board the boat. Once all five of you have boarded, Harry follows and shortly after that the boat starts to move. All of you sit down with Harry to talk. It's mostly small-talk and a bit of random conversation. Then Harry tells you that anything you might need is located in the trunk of the car.
  6. After talking for a while, you and [_____] went out on the front deck of the boat. You were looking at the vast amount of dark blue water, fitting with the dark pink sky, with a bit of orange here and there. "So, this is a beautiful view," he said. "Yeah, the sky is really pretty tonight," you replied. "I wasn't looking at the sky..." he commented, and you turned your head in his direction and realized he was looking right at you. He smiled a gorgeous smile that just made you melt, and you smiled in response. He leaned in and kissed you for a few long, amazing seconds and put his arms around you. You then rest your head on his chest, but your blissful time ends as you hear, "Come on, you two! We still have business to take care of." You look up to see that it's Harry; you were a bit annoyed that he interrupted such a perfect moment, but you knew that he obviously had to.
  7. You follow Harry inside and sit down with everyone else. "Okay," Harry began, "Here's a map of the city you will be going to. The area that Nethro is suspected to be in is circled on this map. That's where you'll need to search. Here's a picture of him. The weapon he is known to have is a bow with poison arrows, so watch out for those. I'm sure all of you could handle him easily, but good luck."
  8. As soon as Harry is done talking, the boat comes to a stop. All of you exit the boat, and you wave goodbye to Harry as you do. The multi-colored sky has now turned into a dark shade of gray. There were only a few minutes before you had to leave. You look around the empty area to which you were taken, and you barely see the SUV parked near-by.
  9. Everyone gets in the car. Erik is driving, you're in the passenger seat, and the rest of the guys are in the back. Erik starts driving down this old, dirt road that's surrounded by trees on both sides. For some reason Adam and Wesley start arguing, you have no idea what its over though since they're talking over each other and you can't understand much. A few minutes pass and they're still going at it. "Will you two just shut up already?" Erik comments, obviously getting frustrated. Then they start arguing with him over what he had said. You just start getting annoyed with all the yelling and you have no idea what's gotten into everyone. Then Adam started doing that shivering thing and you knew that wasn't good. All of a sudden you feel completely calm, and everyone is quiet. You look back at Adam to see that he's calm now and not about to change into some man-eating tiger inside of the car. Then you turn to look at Paul and he just smiled at you. You shook your head and smiled as you turned your gaze back to the front of the car. "So what was that all about?" you ask. "I'm not really sure," Adam said, "I just got angry for no real reason." Then you hear Paul's voice, "Don't look at me, I didn't do it, I'm the one who fixed it. We're probably dealing with another one of Elisa's buddies that we don't know about..." Erik said, "We'll just have to ask Marly about it once we get back."
  10. Erik drives down this other road, which seems to lead back into the woods. He parks the car and says, "We're in the area that we need to search. There are some houses back here. One of them should be Nethro's house. How they expect us to find that out, I'm not quite sure..." All of you get out of the car and head into the woods. There's a house up ahead, and the lights are still on. Adam's in front of all of you, and he looks in the window. He motions for all of you to come there quickly. "He thinks he sees Nethro," Paul explains. Once you get up there, you just get a glimpse of a man that's walking into a different room. "It's him, I swear, he looks just like the picture! I'll go get him," Adam says as he started to walk to the front of the house, shivering just a little bit. All the guys yell "No!" but it's a bit too late...
  11. Who do you like?

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