Complicated Difference Part 27

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So, the story of your life: no more school; you share a house with cute guys who all like you, help you, and want to keep you safe; and, of course, there are plenty of powers to make it all interesting.

What happened last... You teleported away from the house, just like Paul said to do. You appeared in the lobby of HQ and Davis took you to Marly, you told him you needed his help.

  1. "What do you need my help with?" Marly questions. "Something has happened," you begin in a rush, "The book... This guy, Daymian, he broke into our house; he wants the book... They're giving him a different one, hoping he leaves for a little while. I was told to come here and ask for your help, I don't know what's happening back there." Marly looks to Davis, "Call to the emergency brigade, tell them to come up here immediately so I can quickly brief them on the situation and send them on their way to help." Davis pulls his phone out again and starts speaking in code terms with which you are clueless to the meaning of.
  2. As he does that, Marly flips through the pages of the old, tattered book. He stops at one of the pages, "Ah, your mother has come into contact with this man before, or has at least heard of him. Look, place your eyes upon this page; is this the man who broke in?" You nod and begin reading the words in your mother's cursive writing: Daymian, acquaintance of Elisa, great tracker, ability to make others terribly angry which causes quarrels among the groups he faces, might occasionally be armed.
  3. Marly lifts his gaze, meeting your eyes; you can't tell how he's feeling because his expression remains blank. "I do not believe Daymian will be able to dig into your group's emotional stability, he shouldn't be able to get to Paul that way, and I am sure Paul can handle the situation with his own capabilities. Though, I am hoping he's able to accomplish that without Adam switching forms, we don't need any more damage at this moment... This man seems to be terribly great at what he does; he found the house within 24 hours of the book being uncovered..." Marly rambles on a little longer, thinking things through by speaking aloud. Just then, people walk through the door; you guess the number is around 10. Some of them are armed, others are not. You assume the others have strong enough powers and are allowed to use them when necessary.
  4. Marly quickly briefs the brigade, showing them Daymian's picture and explaining what he can do. They leave in a hurry, wanting to get to the house as fast as possible. "Marly," you begin, "I understand he's a great tracker, but how would he know the book was uncovered? How did he know it even existed?" You seemed to have given him a lot to think about, "I'm honestly unsure of the answer to that. I'll let you know when I can. For now, we can keep the book here at HQ. It'll be safer here, and should keep you out of danger like what is occurring now." He picks the book up, "If you ever have to look through it, you can just come here. You'll be able to see it whenever you need to. You may go back to your home now, I can tell you're anxious about what's happening," then he leaves the room.
  5. You teleport to the house and arrive in your room which seems perfectly fine and untouched. You can hear the guys downstairs... there's a shot fired, or so it sounds... "Wesley, heal him!" you hear. You grab onto the doorknob and attempt to turn it. It won't budge. You keep desperately trying but the door still won't open. The worry inside you grows, you're so anxious to get down there and help. You teleport into the hallway. Unsure of what dangers may await you downstairs, you turn invisible before dashing down the hall to the top of the staircase.
  6. Looking down at the lower floor, you see a tiger charging a certain direction, though your view is slightly limited and he vanishes from your sight. You look back over to the rest of the guys, noticing one of them is down on the floor and Wesley's hands are placed over a spot on his left leg. A sword is unsheathed and the one holding it runs off in the same direction the tiger did.
  7. You run down the stairs and over to Wesley and Erik. "Are you okay?!" you exclaim, the adrenaline in your system is now running high. "I'll be fine," Erik mumbles, it's obvious he's in a lot of pain, "Wesley will heal me, I'll be fine, go help Paul and Adam!" he then shouts, showing urgency with his tone. You agree to do so, unsheathing your sword as you turn to face the direction they ran. You run outside, seeing a large tiger in the street and a guy close by, they seem to be looking around cautiously.
  8. You call out Paul's name, both he and the tiger turn to look at you. You walk toward them, and Paul says, "Daymian ran off somewhere, we think he left out to the woods." Just then you see the brigade coming down the street. They stop by the three of you, giving Adam a strange look since he's openly in his other form while still in the town area, but they dismiss that and one begins to speak, "Where's Daymian? And, what do we need to do to help? We are under your command for the time being." Adam comes up next to you; his large, furry head against your side. "We don't know where Daymian went," Paul responds, "We think he went to the woods, and we were just about to go find him. We'll take this section of the woods here," he points to the right of the house, "And you can take that section over there. Sound good?" The one who originally spoke for the brigade just nodded his head and the ten of them went off to the left side of the house and into the woods.
  9. The three of you enter the woods. Paul and Adam seem to be doing fine, though you're mainly focusing on not tripping over tree roots, stumps, or random sticks. You see a small house in the distance; the guys keep walking forward, so you follow. "There's a house... way out here in the woods..." you mention, wondering if you'd get an explanation. "Yes, that's why I chose this section of the woods," Paul replies, and he leaves it at that.
  10. Nearing the house, Paul tells Adam he should wait off to the side for a little while, since he's a Tiger at the moment. He walks off to the right and waits as you and Paul go up to the door. Paul knocks. A haggard, middle-aged man answers the door, angrily speaking, "What do ya want?"
  11. Who do you like?

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