Complicated Difference part 33

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So, the story of your life: no more school; you share a house with cute guys who all like you, help you, and want to keep you safe; and, of course, there are plenty of powers to make it all interesting.

What happened last: You and Paul just returned to the cave. He goes to sleep, you lie on your mattress. Adam looks at you and says "Did you know..."

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  1. "Did you know that I've always liked you?" Adam asks. You slightly blush and he grins. He speaks up again, "I remember the day I first met you... You came to one of the football games once you started dating Brad. I saw you run up to him after it was over, when all of us were walking off of the field. I was so jealous of him at that moment. But, I knew who you were before seeing you."
  2. "How?" you question. He looks away, as if he was searching through his memories. "Your dad," he began, "He came to me not too long before that. He knew that at some point you would realize your powers, and he wanted me to help watch over you so that if it happened I would be there to help explain things to you. I knew who he was, of course. Your parents were pretty much famous in our world, one of the best elite groups there ever was."
  3. "It surprised me when he had a conversation with me, and I felt honored to be one of the people he wanted for help. Really, though, I felt even more honored when I saw how beautiful you are." He looked back over at you with his large smile. It made you smile in return.
  4. He continues his story, "That night I could also tell that you were one of us, just by being around you. You let off different vibes than the others. I didn't know Brad was on the other side... I knew something was off about him, something was different. But I didn't know what... I just didn't like him. And I'm surprised no one on the team knew what was up with me. Every time there was a game during a full moon, I missed it. Every time I became angry about something, I had to leave so I could calm down. Though it seems like no one suspected anything... maybe because people think my kind doesn't exist."
  5. You ask him about his past. He has a strange expression, and it seems like his words don't come easy to him while talking about this. "I don't usually talk about my past. Though I guess a lot of people might be too afraid to ask about it... My father was a werewolf, my mother a shapeshifter, she could change into what she wanted. How I became a weretiger, I honestly don't know," he laughed, "My parents were attacked about a year before I met you. I'm not sure what happened or who did it. After that happened, I was on my own. The leaders took me in and I became a part of this world."
  6. "Once Erik and I became closer, we discussed what we were going to do when you found out your powers. That's what we were doing when you found us at Starbucks; he told me that he thought it was going to happen soon. Once it actually did happen, that's when the leaders mentioned forming an elite group with you, me, and Erik."
  7. The two of you talk a little more then decide to go to sleep. You cover up with the large blanket and move to a comfortable position on the thin mattress. The light of the candle flickers and creates shadows on the wall. The fresh air blowing into the cave and the peaceful noises outside make it easy to fall asleep. You drift into a dream...
  8. Dream... You're in the middle of a forest, lost. There's no one around you and it's dark. You hear the chirping of crickets and the crash of the waves. Walking toward the sound of the water, you have to fight your way through the six-feet-tall weeds that separate the grass from the sand.
  9. It starts raining heavily. The thunder sounds every couple minutes and lightning cuts through the dark sky. Every flash of lightning gives you a glimpse of what is around you. But, you realize that you can't feel but one drop of rain. You see your clothes becoming soaked, but you only feel a repeated tap on your shoulder and nothing else. You hear your name being called, softly. It gets louder and louder... You awake to Paul tapping you on the shoulder and saying your name, trying to wake you up.
  10. It's morning now, but a thunderstorm is occurring outside of the cave, so the sky remains a grey color. You glance around to see that all of the guys are in the cave with you. Hearing the crackling of a fire, you notice that one of the guys made a fire in the cave. It was a chilly day so far. You moved closer to the small fire and also covered yourself with your blanket. One of the guards walks into the cave.
  11. He's carrying a platter full of something. You're unsure what it is because there's a cloth laid over top of the thin tray. Once it's uncovered, you realize that it's your favorite breakfast and it's steaming hot. It forces you to notice how hungry you are, and you can't wait to get a hold of those...
  12. You quickly eat what you were given and it leaves you so full. It smelled and tasted so magnificent you just couldn't help yourself. A while passes and everyone finishes eating. Erik and Wesley slept a bit while the rain began to let up. Time passes and the rain stops, you and Wesley were the ones going out to patrol this time. Once you reach the touch of the warm sun outside of the cave, Wesley says, "Well... I..."
  13. Who do you like?

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