Complicated Difference Part 39

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So, the story of your life: no more school; you share a house with cute guys who all like you, help you, and want to keep you safe; and, of course, there are plenty of powers to make it all interesting.

What happened last: you saw this old shack in your dreams. you decided to take everyone there with you in the morning by teleporting from the cave. you weren't sure if danger was inside. Paul and Adam cautiously approached the door...

Created by: pixystixlove94 of Complicated Difference website!
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  1. The door quietly swings open. Not a creak made and no one to be found. The two guys cautiously wander through the open doorway and you anxiously wait for some signal. Paul peered through an old, busted window and motioned for the rest of you to come in.
  2. All of you stand in the center of this one-room shack. The floor and walls are made of the same dark wood. There's a small bed off to the side, stripped of any sheets or blankets or pillows. Only a worn mattress lies on the wooden bed frame. The floor holds a good amount of sand; you can hear it with every step taken. There are some cupboards in the back corner next to a busted table and a small chair. There was nothing else in the room.
  3. "I wonder if there's anything left in the cupboards that we could use," Erik said. Wesley added, "There might be. I'll go take a look." He walked over to that corner where the cupboards are. In an instant, one of the floorboards gave way and he was gone. You rushed over to see what happened but all that was left was a hole so dark you couldn't see if it ended.
  4. "Wesley?!" you shouted down into the darkness. A slight echo of your voice was the only reply. You looked back at everyone else with a confused expression. Your father spoke up, "I don't think that's a regular, random hole in the ground... It's got to be a trap, something that leads to a place Elisa owns. I hope he'll be all right. We have to set out to find him, quickly before something reaches him first, whatever that may be."
  5. All of you cautiously sneak out of the shack. You can see a large building on the horizon and you immediately know that's your destination. It's time you have to face this evil once and for all. Paul agrees to keep his thoughts focused on scanning around all of you as you travelled. The group decided against Adam changing, considering a Tiger sticks out pretty well. All of you remain near each other and cautious.
  6. There was a time when you had to use your energy to conceal the group because Paul felt that there were others nearby. You weren't sure how long all of you had been walking, though it was eerily quiet. You've been so concentrated you haven't noticed the lack of noise, whether it be birds or insects, there was nothing. The five of you were wandering through a large area, full of hills and vibrant green grass, with a random tree every so often. You pushed the thoughts of the silence out of your mind and concentrated on the building that seemed to edge closer with each step.
  7. As you all became extremely close to the vast structure, you pushed your energy out yet again so that no one would see all of you arriving. It took a lot out of you, but you knew it was needed. Each of you noticed the tall bushes wrapped around the building... forming a maze. "˜Great,' you thought, "˜it'll take us even longer to find Wesley.'
  8. The group circles around these bushes, which are about 7 feet tall, in order to find the entrance. It looked like a small maze from afar and you hoped that was true. You stepped inside the first row and glanced around, nothing was visible to you besides the large shrubs. There was an opening 30 feet away from where you're standing. You asked Paul to check it out, and he said nothing was around there. So, all of you walked through it to the next row of the maze.
  9. There were two possible ways to go, but you didn't want to split up. All of you decided that the left was where to go. You continued on down that pathway, staring ahead of you, waiting to see another opening. One finally came into sight and the group stopped to look over at Paul. "Something is trying to block me," he stated, annoyed, "It's hard to sense what's ahead. I shouldn't use this power too often right now because it seems like they might have some sort of protection against me; I don't want them being able to track us somehow by my use of it."
  10. "What should we do then?" you quietly ask. "We just have to go for it," Adam answers. You signal for them to wait there and smile, turning invisible and cautiously rounding the corner through the opening. Your heart beats fast as you turn to see...
  11. Who do you like?

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