Complicated Difference Part 32

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So, the story of your life: no more school; you share a house with cute guys who all like you, help you, and want to keep you safe; and, of course, there are plenty of powers to make it all interesting.

What happened last: You had to go to a cave because that's your elite group's post. That's where you'll be staying for a while until the threat is gone. All of you heard some noise, so Wesley went to go check it out.

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  1. You hear "Woah!" from outside of the cave. "Oh, I'm sorry," you hear Wesley state, "what are you doing sneakin' "˜round here like that? You could get hurt." You then hear the voice of another guy apologizing, and then footsteps led to the entrance.
  2. Davis, breathing a bit heavily, walks into the cave. "I'm sorry, I would have called or something; I wasn't sure if any of you brought cell phones or not. I just stopped by to check in on you all. I'm going from group to group tonight, making sure they're all in their places. You'll need to patrol the area around here. Someone will be around by morning to bring food." "Okay," Erik begins, "are you okay?" Davis smiles and says, "I'll be fine. Lesson learned: don't surprise a guy who has telekinesis." All of you laughed and Davis went back on his route around the island.
  3. Everyone sat back down on each thin mattress and began to discuss the plans. "Well, we need to patrol the surrounding area," Adam mentions, "I think we should switch on and off with two people patrolling at a time." Each of you agrees to that, and now it's time to decide who goes out first. You're feeling rather awake and energetic, so you offer to be one of the two who patrol tonight. Paul chooses to go with you. The rest of the guys stay in the cave and sleep while you two head out on security duty.
  4. Though both of you are armed with your swords, you don't want to split up, so the two of you stay together while walking along the shore and around the cliff. It seems pretty quiet, aside from the breeze rustling the treetops and the waves crashing against the sand. "I know you've wondered about me before," Paul admits, "I guess this would be the perfect time to tell you about myself." You become interested in what he has to tell you. You've been curious about him for the longest time. "I've traveled around the world before. Hearing that must make you wonder why I ended up appearing around the small town you lived in. I don't know who my parents are; I can barely remember the early years of my life before it all happened. For some reason they left me all alone as a young child. I remember the day that someone found me... I could hear his thoughts before he approached. He knew I had some sort of power, that I was different. He took me in as his own, took care of me and taught me many things."
  5. Paul continues, "He was the one who taught me the ways of a sword. When I became old enough, I joined his group... They all had powers as well. They were all involved in this strange world. Anyways, I called him my father, and he was the leader of this little group. At one point he was killed from a mission he went on; I still don't know who it was that killed him, but that gave me the motivation to continue fighting against the evil powers of this hidden reality. Many people think badly of me because I've killed a large number in my time... though they don't stop to consider that all of those people worked for Elisa... that they were out to do malicious things. I did what I had to do; I'm not some crazed killer."
  6. He pauses, and then continues once again, "I was contacted by the leaders of L'endroit Magique. They wanted to form another Elite group and already had you in their sights. They figured I could help you and that I could make a nice addition to you, Erik, and Adam. I began attending your school for a while in order to slowly get closer to you. I didn't want to scare you; my main goal is always to protect you, never to harm you. I get along with the guys now; there are no more issues regarding my presence. I think that was cleared once they realized I'm not there to cause problems... But that's my story, now you know."
  7. The next few hours went by rather quickly. Conversations helped pass the time, and so did a few scary false-alarms. You continue to stay cautious while patrolling, looking around and checking out sounds you hear. Once or twice both of you pulled your swords and readied yourselves for possible combat. However, it turned out that nothing was there after all.
  8. The two of you walk back to the cave entrance. You feel bad waking the other guys up, but two of them have to patrol now. Paul immediately lies on his mattress and falls asleep; he must have been exhausted. Erik and Wesley decide to be the ones who patrol for the remainder of the night. They would be back by the time it's light outside.
  9. You flop onto your mattress. Your legs seemed to have given out; you just want to lie there for a while to rest up. Adam laughs a bit and that's when you notice he's still awake. He says, "Did you know..."
  10. Who do you like?

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