Complicated Difference Part 38

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So, the story of your life: no more school; you share a house with cute guys who all like you, help you, and want to keep you safe; and, of course, there are plenty of powers to make it all interesting.

What happened last: you, your father, and the guys are all in a cave. There are two unknown men searching for you in the woods, which you found out after your romantic moment by the small pond. Erik thinks of an idea and Paul knows what it is... you're waiting to hear about it.

  1. Erik notices the stares he's receiving from the rest of the group and decides to speak his thought, "Well, my second power comes in handy at times... I could basically close the entrance off for tonight, that way they won't see us, and even if they knew that we were in here, it's not like they could attempt to get in without help or without us knowing." Each of you agree to that idea and Erik concentrates on his task, pulling stone up from the ground to form around the entrance.
  2. It has darkened outside, you can tell from the few little holes left in the top of the covered entrance (how else are you going to get oxygen?). Paul speaks in a low tone, "Okay, we need to put the fire out and quietly go to sleep. Adam and I will take turns being awake, since I can sense other minds and hear thoughts and he has sensitive ears and a sensitive nose where he could tell if anyone was around the cave." Adam jumps in to say, "For the rest of you, just relax and get some rest." You quickly fall into a deep sleep.
  3. You begin dreaming, but it feels so realistic. You're on the shore. There's a bit of sand before the land turns into dirt and grass. There are trees and a little wooden shack with a hammock next to it. You see someone moving inside the small, wooden house. But, then, you're pulled in a different direction, flying through the air at an alarming rate until you reach the cave that you're currently in. Finally, you wake up.
  4. You look around and everyone is already awake. It's silent, and by seeing Paul's facial expression you guess he's doing a scan of the area. They all take notice that you're awake, though, and smile at you, to which you return the same. When Paul is finished he quietly says, "I don't sense anyone around us. I think it's safe to move out."
  5. You remember the dream you just had and softly tell them about it, "I saw somewhere we might be able to go. I'm not sure who owns it, but there's a shack a ways from here. It's right on the water and I didn't get the feeling of violence. However, it's just from a dream. I'm not sure if it even exists or if it's completely dangerous, but it's worth a try, right?" They all take a minute to think it over.
  6. Adam speaks up, "I think it would be worth the risk," and Paul nods in agreement, though you know how daring they both can be. Wesley says, "We should approach with caution, but it's really our only option right now." Your father nods and Erik then adds, "And if it's real, I have no need of opening this cave up and making a lot of noise. _______ could teleport us there easily."
  7. Everyone seems to believe it's a great plan. You reluctantly go along with it (or happily, whichever you choose). You decided to try something new... teleporting all of them at once. You placed your hand in the center of the little circle each of you had formed, and they placed their hands on top. After building up your energy, you force it outside of you and over each of them. It takes so much effort but you fully expand the energy and picture the place that you saw in your dream.
  8. Seconds later, you feel a breeze caress your face and delicately toss your hair. You look around, making sure everyone else is with you, fully intact and unharmed. All of the guys smile and begin to celebrate but stop short, remembering that there could be possible danger anywhere around the place you're standing. You turn to see the old shack and silently point to it, then whispering "I'll go knock on the door..." However, everyone protests that idea. Adam looks to you and says, "You're the one who is wanted most on this island. I'm sure your father is close behind on their list. I will go knock on the door." Paul then spoke up, "And I'm coming with you." They gave each other a sturdy gaze before accepting the idea.
  9. The two guys cautiously approach the door of this old, tiny house. One of them knocks and then they ready themselves; Paul's hand finds its way to the handle of his sword, resting there, and Adam takes a step back and forms a defensive stance, which must make it easier for him to shift. The door swings open...
  10. Who do you like?

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