Complicated Difference Part 28

So, the story of your life: no more school; you share a house with cute guys who all like you, help you, and want to keep you safe; and, of course, there are plenty of powers to make it all interesting.

What happened last: Daymian shot Erik, Wesley stayed behind to heal him. You went with Adam and Paul on a search in the woods to find Daymian. You approach a house, and a man answers the door...

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  1. "What do ya want?" the haggard, middle-aged man grumbles. Paul enters the house, sliding past this man as he walks through the doorway. The man, moving away from the doorway and into the house, shouts, "What do you think you're doing! I live here; I have not given you permission to enter!" Paul glares at him, "You're hiding Daymian! I know you are. You used to work for that wretched woman; you have ties to those people!" You step inside, on your way to stand next to Paul.
  2. "I don't know what you're talking about! I haven't even seen"”" the man begins. Paul cuts him off with, "Don't you dare tell me you haven't seen Daymian! I know you have at least seen this man tonight, Oren. Don't give me lies!" Just then Adam bursts through the doorway, snarling at Oren as he stumbles in fear. "Okay, okay!" Oren yells, and Adam's snarling sinks down to a low growl. "I saw Daymian," Oren quietly mentions, still trembling from fear, "He came here and said people were after him. He threatened me, told me if I didn't let him hide here then he and Elisa's other acquaintances would kill me like they should've before. He left around the time you came to the house, went out the back door. Honestly, I had no part in whatever he was here for. You've got to believe me." There's a short silence. Paul says, "It's very, very difficult to trust you, Oren," then he takes out a phone and calls the brigade.
  3. They arrive shortly after, handcuffing Oren and planning to take him to HQ for further questioning. The three of you head out the back door. Paul tries to see if anyone is within his mind-range while Adam tries to find a scent of some kind. Adam started off on a trail, you and Paul followed behind. "I'm starting to get something," Paul says quietly, "It's Daymian, he's trying to find a way to the water, there must be a boat waiting there. We need to get to him quickly, then."
  4. You keep following the guys, since they obviously know where they're going. It's dark around you since the high, full trees block out most of the sun. The twigs and leaves make noise each time you take a step. Your surroundings are a bit eerie, but surprisingly you're not afraid. You're more anxious with every few seconds, awaiting the battle you know is coming soon.
  5. Looking up ahead, you see a figure walking in a different direction. Paul whispers, "That's him," and Adam lets out an extremely loud growl, positioning himself in a way that shows he's ready to fight. Daymian whips around, startled. You can see the bag in his hand and assume he hasn't opened it to check the book just yet. Both you and Paul have your swords out, but as Daymian comes a little closer you can see his weapon. He has a gun in his hand, and seems ready to fire. You become terrified at the sound of the gun, but the bullet never reaches you. It stops right in front of you and stays there for a moment, then falls to the ground.
  6. Someone walks up next to you, it's Wesley. You see Erik behind him, looking better than before, but it's obvious he's still a bit sore. You hear yet another gunshot, and it angers you. Wesley stops it, but as soon as that happens you teleport, appearing right behind Daymian and decapitating him with one slice of your sword. There's a silence. You lift your head up to look at the guys; Adam changes back to normal and all of them look surprised or rather impressed.
  7. Erik calls Marly; the brigade arrives there shortly after to take care of the remains. All of the guys besides [____] go to the brigade to help and explain everything. [____] looks at you, "Walk with me?" You smile and nod your head. He takes your hand and starts walking in a certain direction, and it seems like he knows where he wants to go.
  8. After a little bit, you see exactly where he wanted to take you... Instead of the hard ground, you're now walking on sand. You can hear the waves crashing in, and all you see on the horizon is an endless amount of deep blue water. There's a wooden bench off to the left, and [____] leads you over to it. He sits down and pats the spot next to him. You gladly join him on the bench, looking into his beautiful eyes and smiling. [____] smiles back and says, "I've wanted to take you here for a while. It's beautiful, and right now I'm sharing it with the most amazing person." You blush. He leans toward you and gives you a long but gentle kiss.
  9. [____]'s phone begins to ring, your heart sinks at the sound. He checks the phone and looks at you with saddened eyes, "I'm sorry, I normally wouldn't answer, but it's Marly." You understand that it's important, and sit quietly as he answers, "Hello?... Yeah, _____ is right here, why?... Okay, we'll be there in a few minutes." Hearing your name caught your interest. "What did he want?" you ask. "Well, they have Oren at HQ, Marly said you might want to talk with him," [____] replies.
  10. Who do you like?

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