Complicated Difference Part 40

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So, the story of your life: no more school; you share a house with cute guys who all like you, help you, and want to keep you safe; and, of course, there are plenty of powers to make it all interesting.

What happened last: You found a small shack. Wesley fell into a deep, dark hole. All of you set out on a quest to find him. It leads you toward Elisa and you're inside of a maze. Paul can't really use his powers right now, so you became invisible so you could check around the next corner...

  1. Your heart beats fast as you turn to see your own reflection in a full-length mirror that's propped against a side of the shrub wall. You thought that strange and could still feel the energy built up inside of you. An arrow shatters part of the mirror and you find more whizzing past you.
  2. You scatter back around the corner and meet with the group. You could tell they still couldn't see you since they're standing around anxiously. You release that energy you've been holding and they all glance at you and look relieved. You explain what just happened in such a rush that it's obvious you're completely confused.
  3. Your father speaks up, "It must have been a power-blocking mirror. We can't expect Elisa to be so careless with where she lives. She most likely has done everything in her power to keep everything else out." Just then, arrows speed overhead, coming from the other line of bushes where you just stood.
  4. One of the arrows hits Erik in the left leg. He yelled in pain and fell backwards onto the hard ground. You ran to his side and it angered you. Your father lifted him and was going to carry him until Wesley was found.
  5. You and Paul rounded the corner and deflected arrows with your swords. Though it seemed so simple and easy to him, it was actually very difficult to do and at certain points you were sure you were going to get hit. However, you did well, and the two of you reached the figure that was wielding the bow. It was some sort of living skeleton. It just stood there with a bow in its grasp and a pack of arrows against its shoulder blade. If it could show emotion, you were sure it would give an evil grin.
  6. The skeleton pulled another arrow back onto the bow string and you knew it was time. You teleported behind it and sliced the skull off of the bare body. You were so thankful that this kill wasn't a gruesome mess like most others are. A pile of old bones was all that was left. Breathing heavily, you looked over at Paul who seemed to be a bit impressed. The two of you smiled at each other and had a nice, tight hug; however, now was no time for flirty chatting, and both of you knew that. The others came around the corner. Adam walked up and hugged you as well, saying "good job," and giving you an adorable grin. Your father and Erik both congratulated you and, though he was in a lot of pain, Erik showed a weak smile and swept your hair away from your face.
  7. "Where are we headed now?" your dad questioned. Adam, with his high-quality senses, felt like you should travel opposite of the mirror, and so you did. Nothing came about for a while, row after row of green grass and green shrub walls. The sky was a lovely baby-blue and the white, wispy clouds rolled on by. All of you began to relax.
  8. You thought it seemed rather strange, though. There still was no sound, besides the light howl of the breeze brushing by. That was enough to set you on edge. You came to an opening in the pathway yet again and finally heard some familiar sounds. Peeking inside, it was a rounded space, with no other opening but the one you're staring through. There was a grand fountain placed in the center with large angelic statues and water pouring from each in some way. You suddenly became desperately thirsty. Around the fountain were light grey, stone benches that had intricate designs etched into the sides.
  9. The rest of the group peered around the opening with you and you all stood in silence. You began walking into the area cautiously. Nothing bad seemed to happen. You started becoming more and more comfortable as the place felt safer. You motioned for everyone else to come in with you, and they followed. Wandering farther, you stood next to the gigantic fountain and gazed in awe for a few seconds. Then, you cupped your hands in the bottom space of the fountain and felt the clear, refreshingly cold water. You brought it to your lips and took a sip. It tasted better than anything you've had before. You weren't sure if it was something special or if you were just that thirsty.
  10. The rest followed and drank from the fountain as well. It made you feel renewed, like you had the energy to continue. You wanted some resting time, though, and figured this spot was a safe area to take a small break. All of you took seats upon the cold benches that were placed around the circular space. Your legs ached so badly from nonstop walking that it felt so nice to rest finally.
  11. You just became completely comfortable when the ground below each bench opened up and the stony seats tipped upwards to toss each of you into this dark, mysterious abyss...
  12. Who do you like?

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