Complicated Difference Part 42

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So, the story of your life: no more school; you share a house with cute guys who all like you, help you, and want to keep you safe; and, of course, there are plenty of powers to make it all interesting.

What happened last: You were in a certain room in Elisa's mansion. As you went to explore... you found Paul, almost ran into him. He tells you he knows where Wesley is and the two of you go to rescue him. You all walk down a different hallway and find a door that is hidden in the wall. It opens...

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  1. The tile floor in front of you has a checkered pattern of blue and green. There are counters of strange shapes and sizes lining the walls of this medium-sized room. There's an old stovetop and a large refrigerator that looms over you. Its design is also quite unique and it's striped blue and green, the same colors as the floor. "˜How convenient,' you think to yourself. The secret door shuts behind the three of you once you step inside. There are dishes placed within the sink on one of the lower counters. You assume that this kitchen is used by certain people who actually live here. Therefore, the food should be okay to eat.
  2. You open the large door of the fridge, having to really pull on it to get it to budge. You look around at the full shelves and what you decide on is at the very top... so Wesley uses his telekinesis to bring it down and you cook the food for all of you, deciding that it would be best to have some extra energy.
  3. You've finished eating and the lights cut out. It's pitch-black in the room now and you're nervous but alert. There's a small bit of light off in the corner and you begin hearing sounds of thunder. It's as if rain is pouring down outside, but it seems so close. You slowly and carefully stride over to the lighted corner and see a small opening. Paul and Wesley find you and inch closer. You turn invisible in order to peek into this hole in the wall.
  4. What you see is so strange. How can this be inside of the building? You think you must be crazy! You reach out your hand and you can feel the drops of rain pounding against your skin. No, you aren't crazy, it's really there. It looks like there's a dark grey sky above, where the ceiling should be but much higher. The floor in front of you turns into part of old ruins: a light grey color of stones, with vibrant green moss in random places. It's a walkway that runs along side of the wall that this hole is placed; looking out past the stone, it drops down into what looks like a valley full of bright green grass. On each end of this walkway, there are massive buildings, made of the same old stone, missing pieces of the walls and maybe even some of each roof. The doors and windows in each are just holes within the stone; it looks very ancient. The thunder is unrelenting, lightning flashing in the "˜sky' which brightens the otherwise-dim-lighted room. The water continues pouring, forming puddles within the crevices between the stones you're by.
  5. You grab Paul's hand, and then Wesley's, sharing your invisibility. "Well, we might get a little wet," you whisper, and then the three of you walk into this weird room. You can see the shock in the guys' faces as you pull them in with you. The water begins to dampen your hair and clothing. But it washes all of the dirt away, and you're sure Wesley doesn't mind after being in that cell. Something is mentally pulling you to the right; it just feels like the way you should walk. You turn to your right, gripping each guy's hand, and continue on this raised path, feeling a little nervous as you peer to your left to see the large drop into the valley.
  6. A bit of fog starts to work its way around the room. It's getting harder to see in front of you. You turn your head quickly to check the other small temple and see what looks like the silhouette of a person standing in the top floor. Thankfully you're invisible, and you double-check to make sure you're still holding the energy and covering the guys, though you hope that there isn't some way this person can still see you.
  7. You come next to the temple/building you chose to walk toward. There's a large entranceway that you pass through, and the inside of the top floor looks the same as the outside: ancient and run-down. For now, you've escaped the rain, which is beginning to bring chills to you. You're close to shivering. However, you see something in the back corner of this small area. It's a ladder, leading downward into a small hole. You want to escape whoever is on the other side of the storm-filled place, so you figured you would check it out.
  8. You look toward the guys, "I'm going to search down there. I will be invisible so don't worry. But, I'll be letting go of your hands in order to, so you'll be up here and others will be able to see you. I saw a figure across the room earlier and I'm not sure who it was. Will you be okay?" Both nod their heads. You let go of the energy and their hands; Paul pulls his sword out of its sheath and Wesley gets ready for any possibility. After a second of rest from holding the energy so long, you rein it back in and keep a tight lock on it as you near the ladder.
  9. You descend into whatever room awaits. It's darker, but there are torches lining the walls. You hear something and look around you quickly. There's a growling sound...
  10. Who do you like?

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