The difference: Lost (part 4)

Welcome to the most exciting part of "The Difference" series! I've been waiting for the right part of the secries to put this part in and this is it.

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Created by: Crazy and quiet
  1. You, Kyler, Lucas and Kylee go out behind the cabin. Before you can hit the trail Vince yells, "Stay near the on the trail or near the river!" Lucas and Kylee roll their eyes. "Yeah, Vince, whatever you say!" You've always enjoyed hiking. Especially hiking near lakes and rivers where you can here the rushing water. It makes it seem more peaceful. Lucas interrupts your thoughts. "Hey, do you guys want to do some canoeing while we're at it?" We all agree. Still feeling sort of awkward around Kyler, you go ask Kylee if you can share a canoe with her. She says no. "Why not?" "Well...", she sends a longing glance toward Lucas and has a dreamy look in her eyes. you immidiatly understand. "Ok," you say. "I'll take one for the team." "Thanks!" She runs off toward Lucas and helps him with his canoe. It's at that moment when you catch Kyler looking at you. Only, unlike before, you don't find it revaulting. But does it still feel a bit strange? Yes. Yes it does.
  2. Hesitantly, you walk over to Kyler and pick up the other end of the canoe. You give a weak smile. He smiles back. He actually does look kind of handsome. He's wearing long basketball shorts and a black tank top that shows off his six pack. Although, his six pack isn't as good as Vince's. His shoulder length blonde hair is tied back in a short pony tail. For the first time ever, you realize he's never cut it before in his life! Although, it does look kind of hot on him. He notices you studying him. "Why are you looking at me?" His eyes are teasing.
  3. Unable to think of anything else, you say, "Oh it's nothing. I just realized that you never cut your hair shorter than that." He nodds. "Yah. A lot of people notice that." "Really?" "And by a lot of people, I mean the elderly people who say I look like a hippy." You laugh and we set our canoe in the water. Kylee and Lucas seem caught up in an engadging conversation. Kyler and I hop into our canoe. He asks,"Do you think we'll be getting any conversation out of them anytime soon?" "Probably not." We paddle in silence for a while.
  4. The farther you get down the river the stronger the current seems to get. Soon it gets to the point where all of your concentration is on paddling. The only time you aren't concentrated is when your saying small stuff to Kyler or when you're look beside you to see how Kylee and Lucas are faring. Then something else breaks your concentration... Lucas calls for us in a terrified voice, "Kyler! _____! We need your help!" "What happened?" you ask in concern. "Our canoe crashe against a boulder! There's a hole in it!" You instantly know that this isn't good. There's no way they can swim with this current. You and Kyler paddle as fast as you can toward them. Someone should've suggested going back to shore the second the current even started showing hints of gaining strength. Lucas holds out the end of his paddle and you grab onto the other end. It takes you fifteen minutes to haul them back to shore. It's a good thing that it didn't take any longer than that, because the second they get out of their canoe it breaks in half then it sinks.
  5. "It's a good thing that you guys were here. We could've drowned!" says Kylee. You're happy they didn't drown, too. Who wouldn't be? But the celebration ends quickly. Before anyone has time to catch it, you and Kyler's canoe goes down the river without you. "Great," you say. "Now what are we gonna do? It's not like we can walk all the way back to the cabin!" "Well," says Kyler, "We could, but it's going to be almost dark by the time we get back." "So should we follow the river back?" asks Kylee. You're about to say yes, but Luke interrupts. "No. I know a short-cut through the woods. If we take it we can get back by five-thirty." You get a bed feeling in the pit of your stumach when he says this. A bad feeling that you choose to ignore.
  6. For some reason, you all decide to go with Lucas' plan and go hiking into the woods. Even though none of you spots any trails no one worries. Lucas really does seem to know where he's going. There's a type of certainty in his step that someone can't fake. Yet again he is in the drama club... Eventually you relax and get into a conversation with Kyler. You learn several new things about him. He's not just a football player. He's also into basketball and soccer. He even confessed to writing his own songs and to being a terrible actor. Of course, compared to Vince, a lot of people are considered bad actors. Vince... Now that you think about it, he'd probably be mad at all of you for leaving the river side. He doesn't like to see his friends face any kind of danger.
  7. Several hours pass and you're still walking. Now, the sun is starting to set. "Lucas," you say, "It's getting dark. Are you sure you know where we're going?" Lucas gets this regretful and kind of scared look on his face. "Well, I thought I did." "Lucas!" You all yell in unison. "I'm sorry! I was only trying to help!" "You would've helped more if you would've suggested staying by the river!" yells Kyler. Then from behind you, you hear a growl. At first you thought it was your imagination, but then everyone goes silent. "Guys," whisper's Kylee, "I think our fighting might have attracted a bear." The large animal stands up on its hind legs and roars. Without knowing what to do you all run as fast as you can until you think you're safe.
  8. Once you think you no longer hear the bear you stop to catch your breath. You look around and realize that everyone else is gone. You start calling names. "Kylee?! Lucas?! Kyler?!" "______! Can you hear me?!" It's Kyler's voice. "Kyler! I'm over here!" Kyler makes his way through a grove of trees toward you. You ask him, "Where are Kylee and Lucas?" "I don't know. I thought they were with you." "So what do we now? It's almost dark. We won't be able to see to get back."
  9. Kyler says, "Don't worry. It's still light enough to make some kind of shelter for the night." "Oh so you know how to build a shelter out here in the middle of the woods?" "I can't build a five star hotel, but I'm sure if we work together we can build something doable." "What about food? The last time we ate was this afternoon." "LIke they told me when I was a boyscout, never eat the red berries.......or was it the orange berries? Oh well we'll figure it out." "Right. If one of us eats a berry and dies then it's bad. Good plan," you say sarcastically.
  10. You and Kyler are looking around for wood to build your temporary shelter with when you run into a stroke of luck. A cave. You and Kyler look around for bats first before you decide to spend the night there. Luckily, there are no bats. While Kyler's busy starting the fire, you run across a grove of blackberries and blueberries. You make a few trips back to the berry patch. Once you tell Kyler, he makes some trips there himself. After feasting on berries and gathering firewood you try to get some sleep. While he thinks you're sleeping, Kyler pushes your hair out of your face and kisses you on the cheek. He whispers, "It's Ok, _____. We'll make it back alright and so will Lucas and Kylee. You'll see." Instead of letting him know you're awake, you pretend you aren't and eventually fall asleep.
  11. *At the cabin* It's 3:30AM. Vince is in his room with the door locked packing stuff in his backpack. He goes over his checklist. "Cellphone, medical supplies, food, water...everything seems to be here." He grabs his backpack and sits out on the porch. "Don't be scared,______. As soon as the sun rises I'm coming to find you."
  12. *Cliffhanger* I hope you liked it. :D

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