The difference: Lost cont. (part 5)

Sorry it took me so long to get this quiz out. My life has gotten very busy since the start of school. Since it's been a while, I have a recap of what happened last time:

You go on vacation with all of your friends to Vince's cabin. When you get there you decide to go canoeing with Kylee, Lucas and Kyler. In a sudden turn of events you loose the canoes and end up separated from Kylee and Lucas. So it's just you and Kyler...

Created by: Crazy and quiet
  1. *look above for a recap* It's the next morning. For a second you don't remember what happened. Then it all comes back to you. The canoeing, losing both canoes, leaving the river side... getting separated from Lucas and Kylee. Then you sit up in a panic. You have to get back! You look around and see Kyler sleeping on the other side of the cave. You're kind of relieved that he's still asleep. You grab some of the left over berries from last night and go outside to sit and think of a plan. You can't stay lost out here forever!
  2. You don't end up sitting out there by yourself for long. Twenty minutes later Kyler goes out there to join you. As soon as you see him you recall him kissing you on the cheek last night. You try to ignore the memory. "Good morning, _____. Did you sleep well?" "You mean despite the hard cave floor? Other then that I slept wonderfully." He puts his arm around your shoulder in an attempt to comfort you. For some reason you don't push him away. You say to him, "Your hair looks messy." "Yours does, too." He pushes a snarled lock behind your ear and you both laugh. "You know if I have to be stuck out here with anyone I'm glad it's you, _____." He looks at you with deep, sincere, eyes. For a moment you find yourself speechless.
  3. Kyler suddenly realizes the awkward moment he's just caused and takes his arm off of you. "Sorry, I didn't mean to make things..." "Awkward?", you say. "Don't worry. It's fine. We should just really focus on getting out of here." Kyler stands up. "I agree. If we don't get out of here people might think we're hurt." "That and we need to find Lucas and Kylee. Who knows what has happened to them?" You both stand up and go north. Or...what you hope is north. You walk for a long time in silence.
  4. At first it seems as if you're making progress; then it starts raining. You say to yourself, "Great. This trip keeps getting better and better." "At least we can say it wasn't boring," says Kyler. "Saying it hasn't been boring is an understatment. What are we going to do for shelter?" Kyler looks around, studying the surroundings. Finally he looks as if he has an idea. "I- I don't know." Not knowing what else to do, you keep walking. It's a good thing that you do keep walking, because you run into something good. Actually you didn't even notice it until Kyler pointed it out.
  5. "_____! I found a hollow tree stump!" yells Kyler. "A hollow tree stump?" You ask curiously. "Yeah. The top of it is still there, too." You walk up to see it for yourself and it ends out Kyler's right. It's hollow and it's huge. "Alright, then. I guess we found our shelter." You both get inside to wait out the storm. If you're lucky, there won't be any lightning. After a couple of hours the rain is still comeing. You and Kyler are starting to get worried.
  6. You wait longer and the rain still isn't letting up. You and Kyler have run out of stuff to talk about. Eventually, you get tierd and fall asleep curled up against Kyler. Truthfully, you don't even realize you fell asleep curled up against Kyler. How you find out isn't good. Infact, it's probably the worst thing that's happened to you during your vacation...
  7. "What the heck is going on here?!" You wake up from your slumber instantly to find Vince glaring down at you. He's looks angrier than you've ever seen him before. "Vince, this isn't what it looks like! We were waiting out the storm and we fell asleep!" says Kyler. "Yeah, well it isn't raining anymore! What, did you desert Kylee and Lucas so you guys could have your...moment?" You say, "No, Vince, it isn't like that. Yesterday we decided to go canoeing and..." "And what?" "Kylee and Lucas' canoe was about to sink and we had to haul them back to the shore." Vince's anger suddenly turns to calm. Calm with still a hint of anger.
  8. "You hauling them back to shore still doesn't explain how you got separated." Kyler says, "Lucas convinced us to go through the woods to try and get back. We were all together until we ran into a bear. We got scared, ran and have been separated ever since." Vince's calmness has grown even more, but he still doesn't look convinced. Finally he says, "Fine. Come with me back to the cabin. Get something to eat and take showers. You must be exsausted if you slept out here all night." His words are dry and emotionless.
  9. It takes you a long time to get back to the cabin, but you make it. Vince called his dad on the way there to tell him that he found you and Kyler. Vince seems very distant on the way back to the cabin and Kyler looks as if he feels awkward. If only you hadn't fallen asleep!
  10. *Cliffhanger* Sorry it took me so long to get this out. I've been very busy. Please leave your thoughts!

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