what kind of pie are you (1 option)

you shouldnt talk, good point, i smell up the place, just like greg (most likely for his lack of showereing [only one day of the week he doesnt smell bad {its true}]) oh well a clown is a clown no matter if they smell.

mom im lost Mom MOM mother im lost mom im lost where are you mom, mom im at the front and im lost mom where are you mom mom there is an angry man with green pants mom mom

Created by: lardmonk of lardmonk.piczo.com
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  1. what kind of pie best represents your personality
  2. Being under the influence of anything (eg pie) is...
  3. ishmael is...
  4. Being lardy is ...
  5. greg is ...
  6. jon is...
  7. why is drew mad?
  8. Why is Jack mad?
  9. what is your weight?
  10. what would you most likely say to a clown?

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Quiz topic: What kind of pie am I (1 option)