The difference (part 2)

Okay this is part 2 of "The Difference" series. I got almost all positive comments so I've decided to continue this series. If you like these tell your friends :)

Please leave your comments. I am opened to any suggestions. Oh, and here are descriptions of Kyler and Vince: Kyler has dark blonde hair and blue eyes and is tan and buff.Vince has red hair and green eyes which make him very handsome.

Created by: Crazy and quiet
  1. Your walking down the street on your way home from school. Vince had to stay after for play practice, so your walking home with your friend Kylee. She's as angry and shocked as you are at Kyler's sudden appearance. "Are you sure it's him,_____?" asks Kylee. "Yes, I'm certain. The same blue eyes and the same longish blonde hair in the pony tail." "If I knew he wasn't so mean then I'd probably think he's hot." "Kylee!" "Hey, I know how mean he is! Don't judge me!"
  2. You walk the next block in silence. Finally Kylee says, "What about, to make you feel better, I have a sleepover at my house? "Sleepovers aren't the answer, Kylee." "Come on. It'll be fun! I can invite Trisha and Allie and you can invite those two girls from your old school." "You mean Lila and Kiki?" "Yeah. Then after the sleepover we can go watch Vince's play. You know he'd love to see us there." I smile. "Ok. It does sound kind of fun. Friday?" "Friday." agrees Kylee. From there you two split so you can go text the people your inviting.The evening passes quickly. Before you know it it's the next morning and Vince is in your driveway honking the horn of his red converable. With a sad sigh you walk down the stairs and out the front door. Time to face Kyler.
  3. *Lunch* Getting through 1st period was a nightmare. Kyler kept giving you glances until you had to go work in the hall. At least 2nd and 3rd period went more smoothly. You're about to go find Kylee Vince and your other friends when you see something terrible. Vince and Kyler walking down the hall laughing. Like old friends. What the heck is going on?! Vince walks toward you looking a little nervouse that you saw. Kyler yells to him, "Later, Vince." Vince yells back, "Later, Kye." All you can do is glare at him. He looks more nervouse the closer he gets to you. "Kye? KYE?! What so you have a pet name for him?!" "No, it's just that..." "Just what?" "Well...we were partnered up for a biology project. Then we got to talking. He said he knew you and that he wants another chance from you. He said he appologized to you at lunch yesterday. Which I know he did because I saw." "Wow. It's amazing that you can be so easily decieved." "Well, what if he was telling the truth? He seemed like he was to me." Too upset to even speak you walk away. "Bye, Vince." He calls after you but you igonre
  4. You don't even get your lunch. You go find Kylee and spill everything to her. "Vince what?! He'd never do that!" "He would and he did." After getting both of your anger out you two eat lunch and talk about the sleepover. Despite what just happend, you still can't wait for the sleepover. Since it's Thursday you only have one day left to wait for it. "Do you still want to go to Vince's play, _____? Since you're mad at him and all." "Yeah we can still go. I've been wanting to see it anyway." The time until the sleepover flys by. You thought the excitment of sleepovers would wear off, but it hasn't. You still love them. Infact you've even forgotten that Vince has made friends with...the enemy.
  5. Now it's Friday after school and you're at Kylee's house. Trisha, Allie, Kiki and Lila are already there. The name Kyler hasn't crossed your mind in almost a day. The moment you enter Kiki and Lila are smothering you with hugs. Since you've transfered it's very rare that you see them in person. They scream your name in unison. "_____! It's been forever!" "Kylee's house is awesome by the way.", adds Lila. Kylee laughs. "I hear that way too often." Kiki says, "Yeah, but you've got an indoor pool, a butler-" "and an elevator, a flatscreen and a huge closet! I know. Now let's have some fun!" For most of the time up until Vince's play you guys are running from place to place. Basically it's from the hot tub to guitar hero and back again. Sometimes you ask the butler to bring you snacks in between. Finally you decide "Ok, Kylee was right! A sleepover was the answer to my depression!" Once it gets to the one hour point before the play you are all crowded infront of Kylee's mirror doing your hair and make-up.
  6. What do you wear to Vince's play?
  7. You and the girls crowd into the front row of seats on the left side of the balcony. That's where you have the best view. For the ten minutes before the play starts there is a slide show of the drama department up on the screen. You hear snoring behind you. The play hasn't even started and Trisha is already asleep. To get past the bordem of the moment You and your friends cover her mouth and chin with red lipstick and spike her hair all up. Then Lila write I love Lady Gaga on Trisha's forehead. It's a good thing it's only Trisha. She won't care. Infact, she'll probably find it funny. "Oh look the play's starting!" says Kylee. Sure enough the curtain get pulled back and Vince strides out onto the stage. He's the narrator. Even though you're still a little upset with him, he still looks incredibly handsome in a suit.
  8. When he first starts narrating you think the play is probably going to be kind of stupid. But as it gets going it turns out to be really good. Vince has a career as both a narrator and a future playwrite. To tell the truth, you were suprised to hear he liked writing plays when you first met him. He's so tall and muscular that you thought he was a sports jock! Suddenly you here a scream from behind you. It's Trisha. After 90 minutes you though she'd never wake up! "What did you guys do to me?!" She's looking at herself in her tiny mirror. Now she's laughing. "You guys are evil!" You join in with her laughter until Kiki says something. "Hey what's that guy doing?" You look onto the stage where she's pointing. Oh no.
  9. Apparently Kyler was sitting right infront of the stage, because he jumps onto it and take the microphone from Vince. "It's a good thing I brought my hoodie," you say to yourself. You throw on your hoodie and hide your face and whisper to yourself "Get off the stage. Get off the stage. Get off the stage." But he doesn't. Kyler clears his throat. "I can't take it anymore! I have something on my mind that I have to say!" I'm hoping the crowd will boo him off the stage but they do just the opposite and stay silent. "I just transfered here from another school and there is a girl here that I was really mean to. She used to go to my old school. You know who you are and I know you're in that crowd. So here me out." He pauses for a long time then continues. "I'm sorry! You have no idea how sorry I am! Give me a chance to make it up to you! I'll prove myself to you. I swear I will." Vince says into the microphone "Come on, ______, give him another chance!"
  10. *Cliffhanger* I hope you liked it. If you didn't take part 1 you should go back and take it. Leave your comments.

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