The Difference (part 1)

I've had a story in mind for a long time, so I've recently decided to write it and put it up here. Please tell me if you like it in the comments. A description of the story is in the paragraph below.

The two main people are Vince and Kyler. You transfered schools two years ago and things are going good at your new school. Then one of the mean people from your old school transfered there.

Created by: Crazy and quiet

  1. *2 Years Before. 8th Grade* You're walking down the hall on your way to lunch. All seems well. None of the mean, popular kids have given you a hard time yet today. It's been suprisingly peacful. You're about to go to the library to find your friend Kiki and Lila when it happens. Kyler and his group of friends turn the corner. "Oh no," you think. "Not again!" "Hey, ______. What's up?," yells Kyler. He is the head of his group and is also the meanest. He's made fun of you every day since the 3rd grade. You try to ignore him, but it's useless. "Wait! Where are you going?! We have a suprise for you!" He and his friends start to close in on you, as well as some by-passers. Suddenly they start spraying you down with mustard, ketchup and other condoments. By the time they leave you're soaked. Without saying anything you walk out the front door of the school crying. You say, "I don't care if I get suspended for leaving. I can't take anymore."
  2. *2 years later* You are walking down the sidewalk on your way to school. You transfered schools 2 years ago when your family had to move. Since the transfer your life has been perfect. You've made new friends and blend into the background. You don't bother anyone and no one bothers you. "_____! Do you want a ride." You look up to see your best friends Vince and Kylee in Vince's bright red convertable. "Sure!" You get in. All the way there you and Kylee laugh at Vince's jokes. Life is perfect.
  3. *1st period* You have you 1st class with Vince as well as your 2nd, 4th and 6th. You have many of them with Kylee, too. "So," says Vince, "are you ready for tomorrow's test?" You look deep into his bright green eyes. Even though You'd never tell him, you think they're beautiful. "Yes I am. I've been studying all week." "I know you have. I'm your study partner for this class," he says with a smile. Then the teacher, Mr. Peters, walks in.
  4. During most of the time Mr. Peters is talking you and Vince are paying no attention. Not until he says this. "Class, we have a new student starting today. Please welcome, Mr. Kyler Stone." Your face turns five shades pale and you feel like you're going to vomit. You ask,"Mr. Peters, can I be excused?" "Sure,_____. You've got 5 minutes." You rush from the room in a teary eyed rush of panick.
  5. You run to a deserted corner of the library with tears running down your face messing up your mascara. You just want to be alone. That doesn't happen. "_____? Are you OK? What happened?" You look up at Vince. The moment he sees the tears his sits down next to you with his arm around your shoulders. You think, "Should I tell him?"
  6. All you manage to say is, "Him. He's back." Vince looks at you, trying to hide confusion. "Who's back." "Kye-Kyler. He made my life miserable 3rd through 8th grade and now he's back!" At that moment he gets a look on his face like he wants to murder him. The look quickly vanishes."Don't worry," he says. "I won't let Kyler hurt you. I swear it." You nodd, wishing you could believe it. Only,what Kyler does is out of his control.
  7. You sit their with Vince's arm around you for ten minute before you head back to class to face Mr. Peters' wrath. And to face Kyler. Before you enter the room you put up your hood in attempt to hide your face. Peering up, you look around to see where Kyler is sitting. It's probably just luck that he's sitting on the other side of the room focused on his math.
  8. Somehow you make it all the way until lunch. So far it looks like he's only in your 1st period. Then, just like that, your luck runs out. "_____? Is that you?" Behind you in the lunch line is Kyler. You expect his icy blue eyes to be filled with cruelty as well as his voice. Neither have any meanness in them. Is he trying to be nice?
  9. "Listen. I'm sorry I was so mean to you. Can we start over here?" Despite Kylers pleading eyes, you tell him off then and there. "No, Kyler! You had 1million chances and you blew them all! Now leave and get out of my face!" He walks away looking hurt, but you don't care.
  10. ***Cliffhanger*** I don't know how good this is so please give me your oppinions so I know if I should make a part 2.

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