Willingham Correctional Academy for Children

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All right so i decided to make a small quiz story. It really isn't much because I made it up as I went along and it took me about ten minutes to come up with. Thus no effort was made on my part :] Though I think it came out mildly well. I hope you think so, too.

This is my second paragraph. The story is simple. Your a 'deliverer' you deliver packages. That's really the whole plot line for my story. Plus the fact that there is a creepy building for children. I was thinking of going on with it for a "Hunger Games" satirical take on the government and what not. I probably won't though...

Created by: Jack Attack 1995

  1. The night is dark and the moon full. A swing set from the park across the street squeaks eerily. They said it would be a normal drop-off. Nothing crazy, nothing out of the usual. But they lied.
  2. You carry your package close to you. It's light and small, wrapped up in the standard yellow paper and matching the standard size of six inches across, 3 inches wide and 4 inches thick. It's a box. Whatdoyaknow.
  3. Oh that? That's the drop-off point.
  4. It is indeed quite creepy. The neighborhood children try to keep their distance but something always seems to lead them back...
  5. A number of things really. Some are what always lead children back- adventure, curiosity, the whim to disobey their parents and go looking for trouble. But sometimes, for buildings such as this one, what really leads us all back is the people inside. And these people aren't necessarily... normal.
  6. They aren't necessarily crazy. They aren't necessarily even people yet. They are children. Just like you.
  7. You are going to delivery a package there and many many different things will happen. First you will slip on the doorstep when you reach for the doorbell. You will feel a sharp pain in your knee because it happened to hit the edge of the step quite imperfectly. A light will flick on from inside and a woman will step out to see what is going on. You will look up at her, maybe a tear will run down your cheek. She will look down at you. She'll reach out and give you a hand.
  8. Yes, this is Miss Hopkins. She's worked at the academy for quite sometime now. Not as long as some but definitely more than others. She is a nice woman. You'll like her. I know I did.
  9. Right, yes, the package... about that...
  10. We meant to tell you... Our delivery system... isn't necessarily a delivery system.
  11. We know. I know. We'll send the money to your family forthright.
  12. I know this is scary but sometimes scary things happen. Even to great delivery kids like yourself. You've been one of our best, you know? You've gotten everything delivered on time. You learned everything perfectly. We are all very very proud of you.
  13. But sometimes... things happen. Sometimes our city feels the need to take things into our own hands. You do understand? We want the best for everyone here, right? See how Miss Hopkins is smiling at you. She wants to help you. Please let her help you. Your knee is really bleeding, it must hurt quite a lot. Go inside, get a band-aid, she'll take care of the package. Get it where it needs to go... right? We want the best, of course?
  14. There you go. One more step. There. Now you're out of the cold, too. That's all we wanted. We want to help people. That's all. Like those neighborhood kids. We want to keep them safe. And their parents. Sometimes scary things happen but it'll be okay. We'll send a little extra to your family too, all right? Make sure they won't miss you. I'm sure they won't miss you. You'll send them letters every once in a while. They live near Eagle Bay right? By the train station? Yes, I have the address right here. I'm looking at it right now. I'll send a letter let them know you're all right. And you're sister... I see she's a delivery kid, too. Must run in the family, yes?
  15. I heard she's one of the best, too. Maybe you and her can see each other. If she has some extra time after delivering a package. She can stop by and you can tell her all about your new home
  16. We can't do that. You've already stepped through the door. Once you open one door, you can't just leave. That's rude.
  17. Oh dear... I was afraid of this. Miss Hopkins! Miss Hopkins! The deliverer is trying to escape! Here she comes... it'll be all right. She's just going to give you something. There it goes...
  18. Better. Now I'll see you later. Have a nice night. I'm sure everything will be just fine...

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