Which Person From My Book, 'Oddly' Are You?

There are quite a few odd people inthe world, but none quite as mush; as the children of Echo Falls academy. A school for strange, mentally unstable children. First there's Jamie. She's the most unstable, and youngest of them all. Leon. He's the smartest of the bunch, and is in Echo Falls BECAUSE he's a super genius. Skye is the class clown of the group, and knows how to make plently of smiles. Derek is the biggest boy there. He's six foot ten, and weighs 300 pounds, and is Skye's older brother. Nicole. She's vain, cunning, and beautiful.

Now the real test. It's your turn to see how, "Odd" you really are. But be careful, if Echo Falls gets their hand's on this, you may end up being holed in there as well...

Created by: Lulu
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  1. The Dreaded...
  2. How Do You Spend Your Afternoon's?
  3. What's Your Favorite Movie Genre?
  4. What Do You Do When Someone Calls You "Odd"?
  5. If Someon asked You To Commit A Murder, What Would You Say?
  6. What Do You Do If Someone comes Up to You With A Knife?
  7. Is A Tomato A Fruit?
  8. What Is Your Favorite Flower?
  9. Do You Like Spongebob?
  10. Last Question: Who do You Want To Get?

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Quiz topic: Which Person From My Book, 'Oddly' am I?