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Hello!!!!! This quiz is made in story book form. So in other words the questions aren't really questions, they are parts of a story. The answers are based off of that part of the story and will help you choose which guy is best for you.

The boys: Derrick: The smart, sensitive guy who is the envy of every girl! Has brown hair with oddly yellow eyes. Joe: The quiet, lovable, mysterious, emo-like guy. Has black hair and black eyes. Kane: The outgoing, smart one who plays basketball and soccer. Has blonde hair with side bangs and blue eyes. Ron: The smart, old school, romantic fella. Has red hair and oddly dark red eyes.

Created by: Dyl

  1. (Please read the story part before picking an answer!!! Thanks!) You have just moved to Longtown, Washington with your mother after a car accident that killed your father. You are kind of happy to be moving but you will miss your old friends. Today is your first day at Longtown High School and you are kind of nervous but kind of excited. When you get to school, you see a red convertible pull into the school parking lot. Out of it come two guys. Then a black minivan pulls into the school parking lot and two other guys come out of it. You think that all of the guys are cute.
  2. You see the guys from the red car coming towards you and you get butterflies in your stomach. You think that you'd better get out of there before you barf on one of them, but it is too late. "Hello," one of the guys say, "You must be the new girl, my name is Kane." You are flattered by Kane. He has blonde hair with a side bang that covers one eye. Then the other guy spoke to you. "And my name is Joe." You like Joe too. He has brown hair, brown eyes and he looks pretty buff under his shirt! You think that they want to know your name but you can't manage to get it out of you, but you do, "Hi my name's _______" "Nice to meet you ______" Kane says, "Yeah very nice to meet you, _____" says Joe. "Would you like an escort to class, _____?" asked Kane. "Sure," you say.
  3. While Kane is walking you to class, you feel sort of awkward. You feel his eyes staring at you as you walk. You look up at his eyes as you notice that they are extremely blue. Almost like the ocean. "What are you looking at?" Kane asked. You suddenly look away. "Oh nothing." You say. "No don't be embarrassed," Kane says, "You can look into my eyes if you want to." You feel too embarrassed to look at Kane again so you both just silently walk. When you come across what looks like a door covered in ivy, Kane stops. "Where are we?" you ask, "Let's just blow off class and hang out here shall we?" Kane says. You feel disturbed by this since you've just met Kane and you walk away, trying to find your class alone.
  4. As you are trying to find your class, you see one of the boys from the black minivan. He walks up to you and says, "Hi, my name is Derrick, you must be the new girl, _____." "Yeah I am," you say, "How do you know my name?" " I heard one of the other guys talking to you." Derrick replies. You find this a little strange and you see that Derrick can tell because he quickly changes the subject. "Hey, can I escort you to your class?" He says, "Sure," You say, "That would be very helpful." Derrick walks you to class and as he does, you look up at him. He has dark brown hair, surprisingly yellow eyes and his skin is super pale, but he looks like the most beautiful person you've ever seen. Derrick stops at a door. "Well, here we are," he says, "History." "Thanks," you reply. "No problem" he says. As you walk into the classroom, you watch Derrick walk away.
  5. The history classroom is very bright and open and as you walk in. you notice that the only seat open is one next to the other guy from the black minivan. He has firey red hair and dark red eyes and his skin is the same color as Derrick's. You walk over to your seat next to him, suddenly feeling a little nervous. When you take your seat, he starts to talk to you. "Hello," He says, "My name is Ron. What's yours?" Right before you can reply, the teacher starts talking. As the teacher gives a long boring lecture and writes on the board, you feel a tap on your shoulder from Ron. He leans in to whisper something into your ear. But before he can say anything the teacher turns around. "Excuse me, Ron." She says "Will I have ti move you on the first day?" "No mam." Ron replies. When the bell rings, Ron comes over and talks to you. "Hey sorry for getting you in trouble, what's your name?" "It's okay and my name is ______" you reply. "Pretty name." Ron says, "So do you want to go eat lunch with me?" "Sure," you reply. As Ron is walking to lunch you see Kane walking towards you, about to say something. Then you see Joe and Derrick who look like they are also about to ask you something. Joe says, "Hello, I was about to ask ______ if she wanted to eat lunch with me." "Me too." says Kane "I was too." says Derrick. "Well it's too late because she's already eating with me." Says Ron.
  6. You are overwhelmed because all the boys want to have lunch with you. You run away hoping that they will leave you alone. You bring your lunch with you so you don't have to eat in the cafeteria. Sure enough, Kane finds you and comes to sit with you. "So," he says, "Do you want to go to that secret Ivy Door now? We can ditch class." "Sure," you reply "But I don't want to ditch class." "Fine," Kane says, "We can hang out there for lunch then." Kane takes you back to the ivy covered door that he took you to earlier that day. He pulls a key out of his pocket to open the door. Inside was a beautiful garden with lots of flowers and bushes. As you look at the flowers, Kane walks over to a black bench. "Come sit with me," he says. You go and sit next to Kane and he puts his arm around you. You both look at each other for a very long time. Then Kane whispers "I love you," and leans down and touches his lips to yours.
  7. After you and Kane kiss, you realize it is time for the next class. You apologize to Kane for having to leave so early and you rush to your next class. The rest of the day goes kinda slow because you don't see any of the boys the whole time. When the bell rings, you feel almost depressed because they are nowhere to be seen. As you walk home you start to feel bad because you think you hurt their feelings by running away at lunch, but then you hear Derrick's voice around the corner. You peek your head around and see Derrick and Ron talking to each other. "We have to keep ______ safe from them," Derrick says, "I know Derrick but I just know that they are in love with ______ too, so they won;t stay away." Ron says, "Yeah I know that too, they are thin....._____?!?!?" You start to run back down the street as you hear Derrick call your name. "No! _____ wait stop!" You stop when you hear Derrick yell after you. You turn around. "Sorry," Derrick says "I didn't mean to scare you." "You didn't scare me," you reply. "Oh," Derrick says, "Would you like me to walk you home then?" "Sure!" You say.
  8. You are happy to have Derrick walk you home even though you don't really need it. "So," you say, "What was that talk all about?" "Oh, nothing," Derrick says, "Just something I needed to talk over with Ron," "Oh,"you reply. You and Derrick are silent for a while, "Listen, _______," Derrick says, "There is something I needed to tell you," You listen eagerly. "I..." Derrick says, "I love you,"
  9. You are stunned with Derrick's words as he lifts your lips up to his and kisses you. When he puts you down you still can't say anything. "Thanks for walking me home, Derrick," You finally say, "But I think I got it from here." "Okay," Derrick replies, "But you better hurry, looks like it might rain soon." "Thanks" you say, "Bye" "Bye!" Derrick replies. You walk home with thoughts about Derrick's kiss, Kane's kiss and Derrick and Ron's conversation. You don't know what to think. When you get home, your mom asks you how your day went. "Good," you reply. You go straight up to your room and think about everything that happened that day. Your mind is so overflown with thoughts that you fall asleep and have a dream.......
  10. So, who has stolen your heart?

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