Eternal Nightmare Part 3

Welcome to the third Eternal Nightmare story. Hopefully this is what you want to a love/ adventure story. There is a new character who will be in the result as Demon FYI.

Recap you are in the land of eternal darkness with three realy super amazingly hot boys and you door is creaking open. Who could it be.... BTW you have powers. If you have no idea what I'm talking about go take 1 and 2

Created by: amethystfire
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  1. The door bursts open and..... a really hot boy you've never seen before jumps out. He has silver hair and black eyes that seem to freeze your soul. He smiles cruely at you. You try to move but find that you are paralized. He picks you put as if you wieght nothing and runs out of the room with you. You think...
  2. The guy runs out of the huge mansion you were in and heads into the blackness. You can't see anything. Now you understand why it is called the land of nightmares as well as blackness. After what feels like forever, you appear in another mansion. The silver haired boys carries you up to a bed room where he ties you to a chair. You think...
  3. The guy who kidnapped you stands in front of you smirking. You resist the erge to say something really stupid then decide to anyways. You say...
  4. You say whatever you pick (Beside hi hottie). The smile on the boy's face turns into a snarl. "You have no idea who I am do you? he growls. You shake your head. "I assume you are an albino hippopotomus," you tell him. A vicious growl escapes his teeth. It is so terrifying you immediately stop talking and shiver internally. The boy looks at you with his freezing eyes. He doesn't move but suddenly you feel like he punch you in the gut. You hear a double snap and immediately feel the sharp pain of your broken ribs.
  5. You grit your teeth and manage to contain your scream. The smile returned to the boy's face. "Now you understand my power. Those pitiful children who brought you hear are now match for me. If you want to live I suggest we go to the Temple of Control right now so you can give me your love. It's the only way to save yourself and the weakling brothers."
  6. "Temple of Control?" you manage through the pain. You decide to stale him as long as possible hoping the guys would come save you. "You mean they didn't tell you?" the demon (that's who he is) asked. You gave a tiny shake of your head. "It's the place that determines whether the land is light or dark. I have control of it so the land is dark. And when you swear your soul to me there it will always remain dark because you are the grey goddess. Since you are both white and black you can insure that either side wins." He leaned forward and put his hands on your shoulders you lean away from him thinking....
  7. Demon leans in closer until there is only an inch between his lips and yours. His breath smells like every sweet smell imaginable. You want to grab his face and make out with him, but your arms are still tied behind your back. Finally his lips touch yours. At first he is incredible gentle, but soon his kisses become deep. His tongue starts to explore your lips and then your mouth. You come to your senses and bite him. Demon jumps back and slaps you so hard across the face that tears come to your eyes. Then he hits your side where the ribs are broken. You scream in pain. The world starts to go fuzzy and you see a pair of clear ice blue eyes filled with concern.
  8. You don't quite pass out but everything is foggy. You hear loud noises and furniture falling over. After a while everything falls silent. A pair of strong arms lifts you up and then your back in your bedroom. You can't summon the energy to open your eyes but you hear Joseph say," Is she alright?" Zach replies very matter of factly, "She will be once I heal her. She has two broken ribs and a mild concusion."
  9. Your side suddenly stopped hurting and you open your eyes. "Thank God your ok," Zach says as he hugs you tightly. He releases you just enough to stare into your eyes and give you a passionate kiss.
  10. You glance aside to see Joseph looking really sad. You want to comfort him, tell him it's not what it looks like (even if it is) but he just mumbles," Come down to the dining room when you're ready. We need to talk." You glance down at what your wearing. Your still in you pjs. Zach kisses you again before following Joseph out the door. You go to the wardrobe and get.
  11. You go down stair and enter the kitchen. "Sylvia," Joseph begins, but he stops when he catches sight of you. Ethan stares wide eyed at whatever you are wearing. Only Zach manages too stay in control. "Hey, beautiful," he says. "Not bad." You blush at the compliment but manage to ask your question. "Demon said that he was going to take me to the Temple of Control and the I'm thegrey goddess. I want to know more of what that means." "Fine," Ethan said, "It means that CLIFFHANGER!
  12. Hope you like this one. I don't know when the next one will be out some please be patient.

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