The quiz name is meant to be Who is your Eternal,Part 1!! Oops! Peter, Riley, Damien or Kye?? You choose... Who is you're eternal love?? Theres only one answer for you!! Now lets find out!! Remember to rate and comment

Take the next part when I make it please. I plan to have 3 parts, this one is where we find out who is your 1 and only, part 2 is when we find out is it Forever?? And 3 in when we find out do you get married and have kids and such!!

Created by: RawrRa

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  1. Ok. So lets play-pretend! Your name is Cassie. You're short, and thin. Hair- Brown, almost black, and killer deep blue eyes! About to enter your Junior year (year 11), Got it??
  2. So, you're Cassie! Now you're getting off the bus, when you trip, onto the hottest guy you've ever seen. He smiles at you. "Hey there stranger. You ok" He asks. "Uh, yeah, I think so" "Right then, I'm, Kye" Kye has Longish black hair and clear blue eyes, Sooooo Cute. Right?
  3. Kye walks you to class (sweet!!). But he doesn't have Science now, so you have to say good-bye. You're sad but, who gives a crap, THERES ANOTHER HOTTIE IN CLASS!! He's tall and has blond curly hair and forest-green eyes! But sadly, all he does is glar at you as you take the seat next to him.
  4. After class you go to spanish. And if possible you've got the worst teacher ever!! AGAIN!!Theres one seat left... Barry the pimple on you're right and, uh, hot guy to the left... "Hi I'm Cassie, is this seat taken?" you ask, and he looks up, and smiles divilishly! "Hi Hottie, nah, you can sit there, I'm Damien" You sit there and spen the whole class staring at his Brunette spikes and almost black eyes... or?
  5. Lunchtime. Kye invites you to sit with him,and you do. Then notice that Riley, Kye and Damien are ALL SITTING THERE!! Along with a georgeous hunk, with aqua eyes and brown har with blonde streaks! "Hi, I'm Peter, you're Cass right??" He asks, "Umm, Yeah" and you sit next to...
  6. After lunch Damien comes up to you... "Hey, I'm going to ditch for the rest of the day, wanna come??" You look around and see Kye there, waiting to talk to you.. and Peter to your right, and Riley... nowhere to be seen. What do you do...
  7. Ok, If... you ditched with Damien, he bought you new jeans and you went out for dinner. With Kye, you kissed and spent math trying not to get caught talking and kissing. If you left with Peter, you went to a cafe and drunk coffe and, yes kissed! Once you found Peter if the old gym, he glared at you. "What he heck is wrong!!" You yell... and he answers "You" andyou kiss... alot Ok, are you happy withwhat happened?
  8. Only 3 more... Whos you're favorite so far??
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  10. Randomm, what your fave color??

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