What is the meaning of life?

The meaning of life. A question eternal. While no quiz can provide you with this great insight sought for time eternal. Quizmaster Quimby will lead you pretty darn close.

Perhaps you will not find life's great meaning, not all are prepared to do so. But even for those less traveled though the existential journey, Quimby's quiz will part the curtains that keep the light off of your soul. The truths revealed about yourself will startle, amaze and enlighten!

Created by: Quimby
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  1. I go to church because...
  2. A perfect day always includes
  3. The person on his list I most admire as a role model is:
  4. Which of these choices provides the most positive impact on our society?
  5. Finish this statement with the answer that speaks most loudly to you: God is..
  6. The best pizza is:
  7. Which is the most important invention/discovery on this list...thinking about the good of mankind
  8. When I die, I most want people to say this about me:
  9. If your children could learn one thing from you, it would be the importance of...
  10. Taking a quiz like this
  11. Thirteen is an unlucky number because of...
  12. Who is the greatest rock and roll band ever?

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