How Well Do You Know Harry Potter?

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Harry Potter is an amazing book that many people have loved for years! Critics praise JK Rowling for her inspirational, exciting books. People all over the world have read this exceptional book.

But do YOU know this book? I don't mean the titles and characters but know-know. Do you know all the stories inside out and backwards? If so you may be just the person to try out my quiz!

Created by: Erin
  1. Who is Harry Potter?
  2. How old is Harry when he goes to Hogwarts?
  3. What is the first spell Harry Learns?
  4. Who does Harry meet on Platform 9 and 3/4 and becomes best friends with?
  5. How many Weasley kids are there?
  6. What is the most popular wizarding sport?
  7. How many balls are on the field during quidditch?
  8. How many players are in Quidditch?
  9. What is the main communication source?
  10. What dangerous creature does Hagrid own in the 1st book?
  11. What vault in Gringotts held the Sorcerers Stone?
  12. Who betrayed Harry's Parents?
  13. What schools came to the Triwizard Tournament?
  14. Who was the Durmstrang representative in the Triwizard tournament?
  15. Which of these is not a Hogwarts house?
  16. What class does Hermione storm out of?
  17. Which of these is not in Hogsmeade?
  18. What is Harry's patronus?
  19. What is the name of Hagrid's dragon?
  20. What does D. A. Stand for?
  21. Why doesn't Harry die in the final book?
  22. Who is the Half-Blood Prince?
  23. Who does Harry live with once his parents are dead?
  24. What does 'The Tale of Three Brothers' stand for?
  25. What is a famous wizard book?
  26. What is the Ravenclaw horcrux?
  27. What is the Gryffindor horcrux?
  28. What is the Hufflepuff horcrux?
  29. What is the Slytherin horcrux?
  30. What story begins on page 20 in tales of beetle the bard?
  31. Who goes with Harry to the Yule Ball?
  32. Who goes with Ron to the Yule Ball?
  33. Who goes with Hermione to the Yule Ball?
  34. Who goes with Ginny to the Yule Ball?
  35. What spell does Harry use that kills Voldemort?
  36. What is the Goblet of Fire?
  37. What Potions teacher adores Harry?
  38. What creature does Harry find in the Chamber of Secrets?
  39. What creature SAVES Harry in the Chamber of Secrets?
  40. What is the name of the house elf Harry freed?
  41. What is the horrible name Draco uses for Hermione?
  42. Who first notices Harry's seeker skills?
  43. What does Harry catch the make him the Gryffindor seeker?
  44. Who leaves Hogwarts to start their own joke shop?
  45. What candy can you eat one side and be sick and the other side get well?
  46. What does Harry inherit when Sirius dies?
  47. Why does Harry not return to Hogwarts for his 7th year?
  48. Did you like this quiz??? (does not affect score)?

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