How sarcastic are you? Hogwarts house levels

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So if you like sarcasm you are like me if you like Harry Potter you are like me if you are a Hufflepuff you are also like me if you like Slytherpuff relationships you are like me if you are awesome you are perfect

Slytherin-Draco Malfoy- hot,cunning,hot,beautiful,cinnamon roll, ambitiousGryffindor-Harry Potter- show-off,vain,scaredRavenclaw-Luna Lovegood- intelligent,just as sane as I am, honest Hufflepuff-Cedric Diggory- potato,pretty boy, brave, triwizard chapion, “kill the spare”

Created by: Shadow the cat

  1. Someone says to you: it’s okay if you don’t like me not everyone has good taste. You?
  2. I didn’t mean to push all your buttons I was looking for mute
  3. Light travels faster than sound this is why you appear bright until you speak
  4. You look good with your eyes closed but best when my eyes are closed
  5. I feel so miserable without you it’s almost as bad when you’re here
  6. What is your favorite color of the listed
  7. Hogwarts house
  8. Traits
  9. Fav professor
  10. Do you like Percy Jackson

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Quiz topic: How sarcastic am I? Hogwarts house levels