Are you a Harry Potter Fan?

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Harry Potter is an enchanting tale about a boy who isn't anything near normal. He is actually a Wizard! He goes to a famous wizardry school called 'Hogwarts'

So YOU think you are a Harry Potter Fan? Let us just see about that. In a few moments you will find out if you are a FAN or a USER. What do you think you are?

Created by: Elizabeth80
  1. What is Hermione's 2nd name
  2. Who's Birthday is on the 31st July
  3. What animal does Ron's Patronous take form of?
  4. What is the Weasley's house called?
  5. What colour is Dudley's hair?
  6. What is Hagrid's dog name. (NOT the 3-headed one)
  7. Was Norbert the dragon a boy or girl?
  8. What is Harry's middle name
  9. Which house was Susan Bones in?
  10. Who is older?
  11. What is the opposite of 'Lumos'
  12. What word makes your wand act like a compass?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Harry Potter Fan?