How well do you know books?

many people today have read the Harry Potter series or have watched the movies but how many are true Harry Potter Fans? I'm talking about the people who have read all the books and know every last detail.

Are you that type of fan? If you think you are take a gander at my Harry Potter quiz and find out how much you actually know about the harry potter series. WARNING it is kind of geared toward the seventh book

Created by: normalperson

  1. Who was the Potter's secret keeper, who told Vodemort where they were?
  2. What did Dumbledore will to Harry in the seventh book?
  3. In the first book who dropped Harry off at the Dursely's house?
  4. Whose patrnus took the shape of a doe?
  5. Why couldn't Voldemort just kill harry?
  6. What was Harry's position in Quiditch?
  7. What did Malfoy call Hermione a mudblood
  8. Which one of the weaslys died
  9. Which ghost did they exclude in the movies?
  10. What did Snape NOT do?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know books?