The Tales of Beedle the Bard

The Tales of Beedle the Bard contains five richly diverse fairy tales, each with its own magical character, that will variously bring delight, laughter and the thrill of mortal peril.

All witches and wizards read the Bard's unique stories, just like all Muggles read Cinderella and the Sleeping Beauty. Have you read such an astounding book? If so, let's try out this quiz and test your knowledge!

Created by: Ravenclaw Witch2
  1. How many fairy tales are in it?
  2. It was originally written in...
  3. It was translated by...
  4. The Wizard and the Hopping Pot - a fragment of parchment within the slipper, bore the words...
  5. The little cauldron the old wizard used to brew antidotes and potions was called...
  6. The Fountain of Fair Fortune: Name the three women who succeeded to get into the enchanted garden.
  7. Who accompanied the three ladies on the way to the fountain?
  8. Quote the first challenge the white Worm gave the three ladies.
  9. The Warlock's Hairy Heart: Why did the warlock suddenly want a wife?
  10. Babbitty Rabbitty and her Cackling Stump: Name the army formed by the foolish king.
  11. The first imaginative charm the king used was on the...
  12. The Tale of the Three Brothers: What did the youngest brother ask for from Death?
  13. Why did the second brother welcome Death?

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