Which fairy tale character are you?

Fairy tales are old, and have been told and retold time and time again, each time in a slightly different way. The fables have been twisted and shaped by every storyteller's interpretation - and so have the characters.

My own personal view of these heroes and heroines from the fae tales might not be entirely correct, but I have grown up with the beloved stories of witches and princes, and have thought a lot about the characters' personalities. Have a little look to see who you match up with!

Created by: AmyJane
  1. Which of these would be your ideal pet?
  2. Which of these colours do you like the most?
  3. Pick the answer most similar to how you walk -
  4. When choosing perfume, which scent would you most likely go for?
  5. Which activity do you prefer to take part in?
  6. Which nail polish name would you be most drawn to?
  7. Which of these do you most hate?
  8. Which of these metaphorical people would you hate the most?
  9. Who would you rather have as a friend?
  10. Pick the word that best describes you -

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Quiz topic: Which fairy tale character am I?