Do you know your Shakespeare

How many today can say they are Shakespeare afficionados? Are you a true Shakespeare expert? Do you want to be, or do you just want to know enough to impress a cute theatre major? Do you know enough to pass that English lit test or Pass the SAT? Take this test and find out.

In a few minutes, you can know if you know enough about the Bard to wow them at the college interview. If you have to ask, "what is a 'Bard'", don't take the test :-)

Created by: Karen Stapp

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  1. Which of these plays is NOT a comedy
  2. In which play does villian Iago, make reference to the "Beast with two backs"
  3. Which play begin's with "Now is the winter of our discontent"
  4. Those who believe that Shakespeare did not write the works and have formed societies, published journals, and organized conferences at which they discuss their theories are called....
  5. Which is Shakespeare's shortest play?
  6. Who dies first, Romeo or Juliet
  7. How many plays were published during Shakespeare's lifetime
  8. Which one of these words was "invented" Shakespeare?
  9. Many of Shakespeare's sonnets are dedicated to whom?
  10. Which of these characters will you NOT find in the play, Othello?

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