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As You like it was quite the show. While still a Shakespeare comedy, we managed to incorperate music and dance, modern speech, and a few new characters while still preserving the charm and old stuff. And Mr. Large didn't kill himself. AND Jonah didn't majorly screw up!!!! AND!!! we didn't kill each other!! What a great play.

Throughout our AYLI experience, we've managed to lace inside jokes through the grueling practice scedule, and some we'd never forget (Especially Jake... one word- DISGORGE!!!!!!) but only a true Ardenite would immedeatly realize an as-you-like-it-ism when they saw one. Are you???

Created by: Rosasylvanna

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  1. What's a mangram??
  2. If someone introduces themselves as "Sushi Jonah", the correct response is...
  3. When someone starts waving their hands at you, or poking your shoulders, how do you react?
  4. Which two AYLI actors supposedly look dangerously alike?
  5. Which prop always went missing?
  6. In which song do all of the minor parts dance the cotton eye joe?
  7. "I'll laugh like a _____, while he is inclined to sleep." Laugh like a what?
  8. Mr. Murray coached what, during AYLI?
  9. You are a biker poet. A crazy guy has just robbed your cafe. What do you do?
  10. "Silence the____, release the_____"
  11. Okay, so it's performance night, and everyone is bustling. As soon as you're about to go adjust your horrific makeup, you see a cluster of girls frantically trying to wipe makeup foundation off _____'s costume. _____ who?

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