How Well Do You Know Shakespeare?

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Shakespeare has been a cultural icon since the early 1600s. But not many people know many details of his life and plays. So many cool facts, nobody seems to know--unless they're a Shakespeare genius.

But now, you can see if you are one of that elite group. Just start the quiz, and after a few questions, you can learn how proficient you are in the world of Shakespeare. Break a leg!

Created by: BrainNerd

  1. What was one of Shakespeare's nicknames?
  2. How many King Henry plays did Shakespeare write? (Plays written by himself, with no others and no controversy.)
  3. 'The Tempest' is a...
  4. Which character is NOT in Midsummer Night's dream?
  5. How many plays did Shakespeare write?
  6. How many sonnets did Shakespeare write?
  7. Which of these is NOT a Shakespearian insult?
  8. Shakespeare performed in many of the first theaters in London. Which of these is a real theater that his plays would have been showed in?
  9. How old was Shakespeare when he died?
  10. What is a song commonly played in one of Shakespeare's comedies?
  11. One character in Shakespeare's King Henry the 4th plays was so popular, he got his own play. Who was it?
  12. Is Shakespeare still being performed today?

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