Which Theatrical Stereotype are you?

This is a very specialized area of interest, and like everything else, there are "types" that gravitate towards the thrill of treading the stage, and the roar of the greasepaint.

Are you a dedicated theatre person? Do have what it takes to get on stage and emote your heart out? Can you possibly make clothing for pretend people? Can you memorize long stretches of Shakespeare, and can you figure out what it means? Find out!

Created by: Mo
  1. Your diet consists of:
  2. You think that "Rent" is the equivalent of:
  3. You know what shutters are for.
  4. Taffeta is to the 1870's as Gibson Girl is to:
  5. Music for French Horn is written in the key of:
  6. You know how to do the following:
  7. Roscoe 60 refers to:
  8. You love being on stage, and have no desire to have a lead part.
  9. You know who Sanford Meiser is.
  10. You know why it's called a lamp, and not a light bulb...

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Quiz topic: Which Theatrical Stereotype am I?