How well do you know the Fablehaven books?

This quiz was designed for people that have read ALL of the AWESOME Fablehaven books, you think your up to the challenge? If you get all of them right your a Fablehaven genius! If you didnt brush up on those books!

Do you have the brains to take the How Well do You Know Fablehaven quiz? Come and take it, but NO cheating with your books! (If you have them) Well, what are you waiting for? TAKE OUR QUIZ!

Created by: Megan&Emma

  1. What is the name of the troll on Fablehaven property?
  2. Who was Gavin Rose's dad?
  3. Why did the fairies turn Seth into a mutant walrus?
  4. What is the fairy dragon's name?
  5. Who did Lena fall in love with when she was a naiad?
  6. How many knots did Muriel have?
  7. Which artifact was found at Fablehaven in Grip of the Shadow Plague?
  8. What is the name of the preserve where the Translocator should be?
  9. Which one of Kendra's grandparents is related to Patton Burgess?
  10. Why was Gavin mad when he saw a display of dragon bones at the muesuem at Lost Mesa?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Fablehaven books?