Willingham Correctional Academy for Children

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Well I made a part 2. Again it came out mildly well. Not as well as I'd hoped however. Originally, I was looking for a more... unique way of opening up your arrival at the academy but I really didn't have much time and characters are mush easier to introduce than settings anyway.

The results are just copy/paste's of the last quiz's. I really didn't want to write out anymore so I thought I'd be lazy and just do that. Anyway hope you enjoy the quiz. Thanks for clicking on it. I really don't understand why he makes us write the beginning of the quiz AFTER we made it. It makes me feel like you've already read it because I already made it. oh well, to each his own

Created by: Jack Attack 1995

  1. Sleep is still in your eyes when you wake up the next morning. A grandfather clock across from the bed you are lying in chimes a ringing 6 a.m. You rest your aching head back against the pillows. You've had a rough night... and today isn't going to make it any better.
  2. The rest of your room matches the design of the grandfather clock. Round windows, shiny as a clock face, hang with dark gold frames on light tan walls. Through them, you manage to catch a glimpse of a garden and past that, Eagle Bay. The sight of its warm murky green water makes you leap out of the bed, despite the splitting in your skull, and race across the wooden floor in your socks to one of the windows.
  3. The bay looks the same early morning as it does through the rest of the day. Fog ripples gently off its edges, carrying itself from there to layer the nearby town in a gentle green haze. You search rapidly through the green haze from the bay and the brown from the old factories. Home should be right... There.
  4. Suddenly a small figure runs out from your house. You can see his light blonde hair from miles away. He stops near the front gate and stands there. Then, he runs back in. You can already hear him screaming your name.
  5. You turn away from the window before Jane can come out, too. The last thing you need is to see her face all screwed up in disappointment. Again. I'm sure she'll get over it, though. We'll send your money, maybe even a little bonus. That'll make her happy. I promise. We'll take care of her. And Oscar. So go on. Put on your shoes. They're new. I hope you like them.
  6. Now, now, please put them on. They're quite comfy. Everyone else seems to enjoy them.
  7. Very good.
  8. You exit the room to see a small hallway.Numbers are plastered are the fronts of other doors. You seem to be the only one awake.
  9. Coming down the last stair (or stepping out from the elevator) you realize that you're in the entry hall again. The Academy's door stands menacingly in front of you. You turn around, staring at the stairs (elevator). You shake your head, mumbling, "That's impossible." When you looked out that window you were at least 5 stories high... How could you be on the first floor now? But maybe you were wrong...?
  10. You shake your head again. Your headache is starting to fade. It's being replaced by a dull sense of hunger. But which way should you go to get food?
  11. You go your respectable way, then take a left, take a right, take another left, you go straight and then you go right one more time. By now your head is spinning and your knee is feeling weak at the bruised part. You feel tears well up as it hits you that you're lost in this big place of turns and twists and rooms and doors and no windows! You sit down in a nearby chair as the tears run down your cheeks and cup under your chin. You want to go home...
  12. You spin around as the footsteps grow louder. You wipe the tears away and sit straight. While you are very happy someone has come to help you, you can't help but want to seem strong and stable. Maybe if they see you're a normal kid who just wants to see their family, they'll realize its all just one big misunderstanding and let you go. Maybe?
  13. Soon the footsteps start to slow as the person nears the corner of the hallway. You wait, hesitantly. The someone seems to be doing the same.
  14. Finally, you gather up all your courage and peak around the corner...
  15. It's a little boy.
  16. He looks to be a few years younger than you with light blonde hair, almost as light as Oscar's, and with slight buck teeth. His wide brown eyes are open and staring as you look at each other. Suddenly the little boy's eyes fills with tears and he is soon sobbing and falling forward into your arms. You hold him and shh-ush him.
  17. Slowly, you ask him why he is crying. He moves away from you and sits up on the arm of the chair instead. He looks down thoughtfully at the floor and whispers sadly, "I'm lost."
  18. Your eyes start to flood, again. You say, "Me too."
  19. You look at each other. The little boy holds out his hand to you, "Wanna be lost together?"
  20. His face lights up a little and he sniffs. "I think the dining room is that way," he says and points down the hallway. "Sh-Should we go that way?"
  21. You nod and take his hand. You have to walk a bit slower because he does have rather small legs but maybe it's all for the best. Your head would make it hard to go faster anyway. Maybe it's a good thing that you found this little boy... or that he found you... Maybe it's fate...
  22. Maybe it's fate...

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