The Vampire Academy

Hello, everyone out there. I know that it's been a long time since I last wrote a story quiz and I'm really sorry but yesterday this amazing story idea entered my mind and I just had to write it down.

So I've written it down, developed it and invented my characters. This is sort of the prologue from a guy's position. I will be switching between him and the main female character who you will meet next part. So here it is. Enjoy!

Created by: HIIRO
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  1. Hello everyone!this is my new quiz series called the vampire academy. Quick notice: only the question that asks you who you like actually matters. The rest don't! Now, enjoy... The Vampire Academy.
  2. 'WHAT?!' Lucian was furious. He had had no rest in the last forty-eight hours, he was in a really bad mood and he could do without this right now. 'We need her! Lucian she's in this city, so you don't even have to travel anywhere! Just find her and bring her here!' Ascquith was getting furious too.
  3. " Are you aware that that is called kidnapping and-" "I never said to kidnap her-" " well no way in hell is she going to come willingly once she finds out that-" " you don't need to tell her-" "I don't deceive Humans!"
  4. This was the third time they had had this argument. Lucian was strongly opposed to deceiving humans and then trapping them so they couldn't get away,which was kind of the norm. "Look. Listen-" " Don't. Order. Me. Around." Lucian ground out from behind clenched teeth.
  5. Ascquith sighed. He knew that Lucian hated been ordered around. He preferred to operate under his own steam. It's just that Lucian was the best at this kinds of thing. So Ascquith decided to apologise "Sorry about that."
  6. He knew Lucian would relent, but only slightly. Ascquith knew that he didn't take orders from anyone. Lucian did what he wanted to do, when he wanted to do it, and how he wanted it to be done. If he wasn't so damn good at getting people to listen to him, they wouldn't even be having this conversation at all.
  7. Lucian did relent. He was quite interested in the person that would make Ascquith act like this. So he decided to start asking questions like..."How old is she?" Ascquith was pleasantly surprised. He hadn't expected Lucian to change his mind so quickly. So he decided to answer his questions and hope for the best!
  8. " She's sixteen." "A mere child, then" Lucian spat out contemptuously."oh come on. You only turned eighteen last year" "so?". Ascquith sighed impatiently. " She's 16 and she's staying at the Wardolf-Astoria Hotel. She's only here for a month so-" "WAIT! She's on a school trip?!"
  9. Lucian was flabbergasted. This was incredulous. Both he and Ascquith knew that school trips were so incredibly hard to get into and monitor. School parties always had extra security, and would notice immediately if a total stranger started talking to one of their charges. This he told Ascquith in no uncertain terms.
  10. Ascquith protested. "But youdid it last time-" "last time was different!" "How was it different? All you have to do is go to the Wardolf-Astoria and ask where the St. Cecilia girls are stay-" "St. Cecilia? Girls?" "Yeah why is that important?". " Why is that important?! That is important because St. Cecilia is one of the best schools in all of damn Britain, so they'll have extra security. Also, St. Cecilia is a mixed school. If this is an all-girls trip then they probably don't want them talking to boys at all. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO EVEN GET CLOSE TO HER?!'
  11. Ascquith sighed. Why did everything have to be so difficult with this particular one? " Okay, I'm not asking you to get close to her. Just track and report. I'll send my men in to get her-" "NO!" "No what?" " I"m not letting you kidnap a sixteen year old!" "Then will you bring her in?" "NO!" "Then you can't exactly stop me, can you?!"
  12. "FINE! I'll track and report, but I have to be the one to bring her here!"Lucian was not going to let this one be brutally kidnapped and changed. "Lucian, if you take too long bringing her here I will have to send my men. Please understand. She is very important to us.""Wait" lucian interrupted. "What?" Ascquith asked. "If I'm going to be tracking and reporting, that means I have to blend in right?" "Yes, it would mean that..." "That means I have to be among humans and act like them right?" "Yeah, it would mean... Oh." All of Ascquith's good humour vanished. "I see how that would be a problem."
  13. This would be a problem because although Lucian had been a vampire for quite a while, he couldn't control his hunger for blood as well as other vampires could and still had to take a bag of O Positive blood everyday. Which just happened to be the girl's blood group. This was also why Lucian didn't go out much, so he didn't know how to act like a human!
  14. Ascquith knew that Lucian would stick out like a sore thumb with his face and British accent. " You don't have to talk to her. Just follow her around!" "Okay". "Good luck then!" "Okay" " Go and pack. We'll check you into the same hotel as her." "I see" "You are dismissed." Lucian turned on his heel and left the office.
  15. Three hours later, lucian was ready. He had packed enough for three weeks, mostly dark clothing. He had also packed a thousand dollars, just in case. He stepped out of the building and instantly vanished into the crowds around the building. A man in a car that had been parked there for some time picked up his phone and said"he's exited the building." Following the stream of commands that issued from the phone, he pulled out and began to follow Lucian.
  16. And now... The question you've been waiting for. Which guy catches your fancy?
  17. Across New York City, a girl stepped out of the Wardolf-Astoria Hotel and went to the coffee shop across the street. Unknown to her, a man walked behind her, his quiet footsteps drowned out by the city noise. He raised a bat above his head prepared to knock her out.
  18. cliffhanger! Read the second chapter to. Know what happens.
  19. That's the end of the first chapter of my new quiz series The Vampire Academy. You will meet yourself in the next chapter. I need new characters. If you have a character that I can put in the story let me know.

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