Just Another Complicated Story... Not About Love!

Wow, you're actually reading this. I'd better make it important. I wrote this based on a dream I had. I dreamt that I was at school, Literature class. I dreamt that we had to write a story, and I wrote this. I know, I'm a nerd, but oh well.

READ THIS!!!: There are a few words in the story that you probably don't know, so I'm putting them here. Lunpire- vampire that relies on moonlight for their energy. They can heal, control water, have amazing strength, telekinesis, turn humans into Lunpires, and can morph into animals. Solpire- vampire that relies on sunlight for energy. They are masters at seducing, can make weapons appear in midair, have amazing speed, telekinesis, turn humans into Solpires, and can morph into animals. NOTE: Just because they are vampires, doesn't mean they suck blood. NOTE 2: This is not like Twilight. NOTE 3: Harpz isn't a Solpire, she's a Fallen Angel. Leo seduced her. Enjoy!

Created by: Selena112

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  1. You are a 12 year-old girl named Sara. You go to an average middle school, and your best friend is a boy named Ty. He is your typical emo dude. You have brown hair and dark purple eyes. Ty is human and you're a Lunpire.
  2. You arrive at school and walk over to your best friend Ty. He has his nose deep in his book and doesn't even notice you. "Hey, Ty!" you shout at him. He turns and looks at you. "Oh hi, Sara," He says. He stows his book in his bag and slings it over his shoulder. "See, I'm glad you love to read so much that you wouldn't dare ruin a book on purpose." You blush, realizing he's correct. Just then a tall 8th grade boy walks across the school lawn. He is strong looking and tougher than most boys here. He seems to be the opposite of you, because you look like you haven't slept in days. He glares at you and then walks away, you're still glaring at him though.
  3. Ty notices you're glaring and looks at you. "Sara, Sara? Are you okay?" Ty asks. You snap out of your daydream (whether it's good or bad) and turn to him. "Oh, I'm fine, Ty. Thanks for asking," you mutter. You and Ty decide to go inside. He grabs his books out of his locker, and you grab yours. You both close your lockers and go to class. Just a quick question: WHat's in your locker?
  4. You and Ty go your separate ways. As you walk to the World History classroom, Leo bumps into you and makes you drop your books. He bends down and hisses into your ear. "Watch out, you filthy Lunpire. You don't know what's coming," he walks away, kicking you as he goes. Grumbling about how late you'll be, you pick up your books and head to class. On the way, you think...
  5. You arrive at World History just before class starts. You have five minutes to chat, since the teacher is always late. You sit next to your friend Matt, who's also a Lunpire. He smiles at you with his tired-looking face. You smile back, and you start chatting. He lifts his bag off of his desk and sets it on the ground. What do you talk about?
  6. World History and practically the entire day is boring today. The clock strikes 3 and you finally leave. You run up to Ty and walk home. When you're halfway home, Ty gets knocked out from behind. You turn around to see who did it, but you see nobody. You pull Ty over to a motorcycle and lift him into the sidecar. It's getting late, and you are getting your Lunpire strength back. Magically starting the engine, you drive off to your house. 'This isn't the safest place for a human,' you think. But since it's the only place you can think of, you take him there anyway.
  7. You lift up Ty and carry him into your house. He starts to wake up, but right when he does, some Lunpires come down to the doorway. A teenage girl floats down and glares at Ty. Matt walks to the door and hisses. "What is he doing here?" Matt hissed. "Yeah, why is her here? He's human, Sara," the girl hissed. "I know that, Beth, but he's my best friend," you look over to Matt, who is annoyed at being your second best friend. Ty stirred and lifted his head. "S-Sara? What's going on? Where am I? Oh, hi Matt," Ty added. He looked over at Beth, and then two other Lunpires appeared. "Sara, who's this?" the girl, about 7, asked curiously. "Hush, Joy," the boy behind her led her into another room. You shove Matt and Beth aside and walk into the house. You go into the living room where Joy is and set Ty on the couch. Ty grabbed your arm and whispered into your ear. "Sara, don't leave me with these people," he whispered nervously. "Ty, I have to tell you something. I'm not human. I'm a Lunpire, a vampire that gets energy from the moon," you say. "So, Sara, do you suck people's blood and stuff?" Ty asked nervously. "No Ty, we don't. Matt's a Lunpire too. so are Beth, Joy, and Riley," you point at each person as you say their name. You read Ty's mind, and you hope he's thinking...
  8. Suddenly a dark shadow appears over the house. Ty faints nervously. You and the other Lunpires run to the door to see what it is. You look across the ugly, unkept lawn to see Leo. He smiles evilly and lifts his hand. An army of Solpires appear. You look to see which to attack first, and you see one holding Ty. She runs with him to a car and shoves him in the back seat. Who do you attack first?
  9. Let's say you attack Leo. You punch him in the chest and he flies backward. He is still older and taller than you, though, so he grabs you by the shirt and throws you into the car next to Ty, who hugs you tightly and starts crying. You gently push him away, but not before Leo gets in the passenger seat and sees you two. "Aww, look at the lovebirds. Sara, I'd say your friend loves you!" Leo mocked. He turned to the girl next to him. "Harpz, step on it. Sara, I thought you liked to follow rules. Why are you letting this human hug you?" "SHUT UP, LEO!" You shout. "I don't love him! He's just a stupid human!" Ty turned to you, misery in his eyes, and retreated to his seat as if he'd been slapped. Leo grinned evilly at the trouble he was causing. Harpz cackled and sped up. "Stupid human!! Why would even an even dumber Lunpire love you? Love is for idiots!" You read Harpz mind, and you know she is thinking about Leo falling in love and making out with her. "Dumber than you? Good luck finding someone like that, because you're a total idiot. You say love is for idiots, and you dream about kissing Leo!" you scream. "Ahh, young Lunpire, I forgot you could read minds," Harpz growls, and she swerves away from a passing truck. Leo looks back at you and Ty. "Don't worry, you're just a stupid human. Nothing more. But I do like your hairstyle. It's cool. And Sara, you don't need to worry. My plan to destroy this er, prophecy about you will only effect the world... a lot. Prepare for my rule, for I shall be King Leo!"
  10. I'm so sorry guys, I really hate cliffhangers but I need to until I get positive feedback! So, if you comment saying you want the rest, I'll make more.

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