That Love Story part 1

This is one of those complicated love stories where four guys kidnap you and they fall in love with you and you get powers and all that cool crap.Yea so enjoy! It's based on all my fave ones along with some me so i hope you like it!

Drake-shy, quiet.He cares the most about you.Medium-height,fit. Jake-a little shy,funny.He likes to make you smile.Short,fit. Erik-outgoing,calm.Wants to make sure you don't over work yourself.Medium-height,fit. Zac-Babe-magnet.Can sometimes be a jerk because he has a new ego since all girls love him.But he still cares.

Created by: muzix4evr123
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  1. You're walking home for a party at your friend's house.You're thinking of how much fun you had.You take a shortcut through the alley.As you do you start to get the feeling you're being watched.You turn around and see two guys.It's dark so you can't see who they are but you can see their glowing eyes.One has sea green eyes and the other has neon blue eyes.
  2. You start running and turn around.As you spin around you crash into two other guys.One has violet eyes and the other has red eyes that seem to be glowing brighter than all the rest.He pushes you back and you feel someone else pin your hands behind your back.You stare in terror as he sighs and starts leaning into you.You try screaming but they cover your mouth.
  3. His red eyes look determined yet sorry.You try yelling but your vice comes out muffled.He leans down to you.You feel his hair fall against your shoulders.His warm breath tickles your ear.His soft lips brush against your neck.Then you feel something puncture your neck."I'm so sorry."he whispers and you black out.
  4. You awaken in your bed."A dream.I-It was just a dream."You assure yourself.You sit up and see a guy standing near the bed.He has red eyes and black hair that falls over one of his red eyes and stops below his ears.He is medium-height.Scared,you crawl backwards trying to get outside.You run downstairs to the kitchen for the phone.
  5. You grab the phone.Another guy climbs through the window."You really shouldn't do that babe."He says.He has blond hair and blue eyes that sparkle as he moves.He is tall. You feel the phone slip out of your hands and crash to the floor.You try running outside but he stops you."Guys!She's in here!" he calls out.3 guys walk in.
  6. You grab a frying pan and raise it warning anyone not to omme near."W-Who are y-you??"you stammer. "I'm Erik,that's Zac,he's Jake and over bu the door is Drake." The sea green eyed guy says pointing to the blond,the violet eyed with brown hair and highlights and then the one you met upstairs
  7. You're really scared.You take a step forward and swing the pan.It all happens so fast.You swing the pan, Erik grabs it,places it down on the counter and pulls you closer."Calm down.It's okay.We're not gonna hurt you."he whispers. His voice is smooth and comforting. Trembling,you allow him to lead you to the dining table with the rest of the guys.
  8. You sit down between Erik and Drake.You're really freaked out on why they're here.You're shivering and trembling like crazy."It's OK _________.So any of us look familiar?"Jake asks.You manage to shake your head."We're best friends."Zac says.Suddenly you have a flash back.
  9. You're in a plane.Sitting with you are the guys.You guys are laughing and having a good time when the plane crashes into the ocean.You guys swim out easily for some reason. The water is freezing.The guys swim up for some OTHER reason, you're going down.You see a bunch of blue,green and yellow specks all around you.As you're about to lose consciousness, someone pushes you to the surface.
  10. Cliff Hanger!
  11. Part 2?

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