Unatural love story part 1

This is part one to my first love story series ever!I really hope you like it and don't leave bad comments plz!my first quiz!It's based on some of my fave quizzes with a little of me so enjoy!

Your name is Emily Heat! In this it's first day of school so just enjoy and i have nothing else to write since you haven't met all the guys yet so bye

Created by: muzix4evrz123

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  1. Your name is Emily Heat and it's the first day of School.You wear...
  2. At school,you bump into someone.You look up and see a guy.He has blonde hair which falls over one of his sapphire eyes.He helps you up silently.As you stand up he stares at the necklace your mom gave you before she died.He touches your right arm and starts to shake.He stares at you the walks away.
  3. As he walks away,your boyfriend texts you:Hey Em,I was thinking.. It's not working out.And I just can't be with you anymore.But we can still be friends?Sorry-Derek.
  4. You think about your boyfriend for the next four hours.You really liked him and can't believe he dumped you. In a TEXT!
  5. In Science,you notice a guy with black hair that brings out his bright green eyes staring at your arm.You realize it's the same arm blondie was looking at.
  6. All of a sudden something starts choking you and dragging you outside. You can hardly breathe and try to struggling which makes it harder.
  7. You feel a sharp knife against your neck."You try any of your powers,I swear to God I'll kill you right now."A female voice hisses.
  9. PART 2?
  10. bye

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