Supernatural (Part Four)

Take this quiz if you like Twilight and other mythical creatures! This is part four of Supernatural and I worked hard on it SO TAKE THIS QUIZ! JK! (Just Kidding!)

Hope you do a great job on this quiz, it is technically a story and less quizy. This quiz is more of a story so take this quiz if you like reading! I worked really hard on it! *Glare* take it!

Created by: Tessa
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  1. Carter was badly injured, you visit him at the hospital. Carter says "Hey." ''Hey, Carter, are you okay?" "Yeah, I'm fine. I need to talk to you."
  2. Carter sighs and says "Try to stay away from Seth." "Why?" "There are...a couple of reasons, lets just say that he doesn't really like you." "What did I ever do to him?" He hesitated before he answered, "I can't tell you."
  3. The nurse just came in and says "I'm sorry dear, you are going to have to leave now." "Okay." You just exit from the hospital and it's almost dark. You don't drive a car, but you have a Cheetah, Mustang and a Porsch, so you just walk home.
  4. A few minutes later it starts raining, hard. You are soaking wet and then you hear a growl and a rustle in the bushes. You see a man, but you can't make out who or WHAT he is. You see his glowing red cat-like eyes.
  5. When you are almost to your house, you trip and drop your keys. You look everywhere for it but you can't seem to find it.
  6. You give up and decide that you are going to camp out for the night. You lay on the grass of your front yard and you slowly fall to sleep.
  7. You wake really early, like 5:00 a.m, but it is still dark. You stand up and see the man again, he seemed to notice that you were looking at him, he stares back, with those ruby, murderous and dangerous eyes. He glares at you, baring his sharp pointed teeth then he lets out a hiss. You are shocked. It was dawn and the sun was showing on his skin. His skin was glowing and steaming at the same time. The aroma of his skin came past your nose, he smelled so good, so sweet. He hissed again, but it sounded more painful, he suddenly leaves.
  8. You get creeped out but then you continue on with your day, thinking about that man...and those eyes. You finally find your keys, get into your house and go back to sleep so you have enough energy for school.
  9. Ok that's all for today, part 5 will come out soon!
  10. One more question: Do you like this quiz? (I won't take no for an answer!)

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