Supernatural (Part Two)

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I hope you like Supernatural (Part Two) better than Supernatural (Part One)! (Part Three will come out soon!) after when i think of something for it!!

I hope you liked Supernatural (Part 2) way better than Supernatural (Part 1). (Part 3) will come out soon!) After when I think of something for it!!!!

Created by: Sally
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  1. The Werewolf looks at you, it growls. Its running toward your house and breaks the door open. You stand up to the Werewolf and start fighting, when it looked like you were about to get him you get knocked out cold. You wake up and your on the floor, you don't remember anything about the fight. You just get ready for school, you are late when you get there. Your teacher announces that there will be a new student coming in, his name is Carter. In a few moments, he shows up, he has black hair, spiky hair, asian, brown eyes and pretty muscular.
  2. For some reason he looks oddly familiar to you. He looks like *bell rings*. You forget what your thinking and go out for recess. You accidently bump Carter. He says ''Sorry.'' you say ''No big deal.'' he says ''You sure your ok?'' you say ''Yeah.''. You walk away, there is something about him that makes you uncomfortable.
  3. Your done with recess and you get back in class for science. Your partnered up with Carter. You sit down and he says ''Hey.'' you say ''Hey.''. You start talking to him and making friends with carter. Your done with school, you start walking home and its getting late. You hear a howl.
  4. You look up a tree, you saw a big figure with red eyes. The werewolf said ''I will come for you!'' then it disappeared. Then you ran home. You just get some popcorn, chips, a soda, lay on the couch with a blanket and watch movie. You fell asleep. You hear a knock on a door. You opened it and Carter was standing there. You ask him ''How do you know where my house is?'' he answers ''I uhhh...followed you. Listen I need to tell you something.'' He comes in your house and locks the door. ''Listen, you have to get out of here. You ask ''Why?'' he says ''Cause someone is after you.'' you say ''You said someone, who is it?'' ''I don't know.'' you ask ''Is it a Werewolf?''.
  5. He says ''Yes he is a Werewolf and so am I. You, me and him are supernatural creatures. He wants to kill me and you.'' you say ''Forget it I need to stay here.'' he says ''I am sorry but I have to do this.''. He punches you right in the face, your knocked out cold.
  6. You wake in a strange room, you sit up and see Carter, he says ''Good morning.'' Then you see a girl come in she is pale and a blond. Another girl comes in and looks tan, asian and has black long hair. A guy comes in, he looks tall, white not pale, deep blue eyes and a brunette. Carter says ''Let me introduce you to my friends, this is Gray, he is a Daemon (Tall brunette boy), this is Ella, she is a Vampire (Pale blond girl) and this is Rose, she a Fairy and also my girlfriend.
  7. Just then another guy comes in, he is tall, tan, black spiky hair like Carters, muscular, looks Japanese and has amber eyes. Carter says ''Oh, I forgot to mention about Seth, my brother, he is a Werepire, the last of his kind, he doesn't talk much.'' you say ''Don't you guys have any parents?'' Carter says ''No, they were killed several years ago, thats why Seth doesn't talk much, he wants to avenge the death of his parents, the killers name is William Ark, he prefers to be called Genshin, he is the leader of a order called, The Web, you can easily identify them, you will see a tattoo on their right hand.'' Gray suddenly says ''Someone is coming.''
  8. Lets answer some random questions! (We won't get back to the story) What is your personality?
  9. Who is your favorite artist?
  10. Who is your favorite ACTRESS?
  11. Who is your favorite ACTOR?
  12. Well I am done with Supernatural (Part Two). Part Three will come out soon. Did you like this quiz? (This counts on your results)

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