Supernatural (Part Three)

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Come try this quiz, it has new characters and new creatures. There are many people in this world but very few of Supernatural Creatures like Vampires or Werewolves.

Vampires, Werewolves, Fairies, Elves, Daemons and Dragons. Very few are in this big world. They were created to kill or save people. They will do anything to keep their secrets hidden from our race...our kind...our species.

Created by: Sally
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  1. Seth got tense Ella says ''Get down!'', all the windows shatter and flames burst through, you are surrounded by fire. Suddenly a lizard like- man leaped and attacked Seth. Then a man came in from the flames, he says to you ''Don't you remember me?''
  2. The man ''It is nice to meet you again.'' Then Gray lashes out on the man ''Get away from her!'' he says. The man grabs Gray's chest and throws him against the wall like it was no problem. He started evolving, long sharp teeth, big wings, long sharp nails, big horns, red eyes, long tail like a dragon, spikes on his back, muscular and he was on fire. You couldn't tell what he was. He grabs you and slams you against the ground. Rose and Seth come to your aid, they take you away and put you in the car, and drive away and you drift off to sleep.
  3. When you wake up, you are in your house again, had it only been a dream? Just then Rose and Seth come in. You ask "Who was that man?" Rose says "What man?" you say "The man that Gray was fighting." Rose says "There was no such man." you say "Well Gray saw him." Rose says "There is no time to argue, we have to go now." you say "What happened to Carter and Gray?" Rose says "They are okay, they will be at school with you tomorrow, Gray just moved in."
  4. You wake up and get ready for school. You get to class and start studying. Then the teacher announces that we will be having a field trip to the Museum of Natural History. When you get to the Museum, your teacher just checked in at the man in the front desk. When you, Gray and Carter are about to follow the man says "Wait, can I talk to you three for a minute?" You three lean in close and he says "You are not alone, we are very much alike." you three walk away without a word. When you were done with school, Gray invited you and Carter for a walk.
  5. The walk was very quiet. You start looking around and a woman is staring, you get a closer look and you notice she has a tattoo of a web on her hand. You quickly look away. You say to them "Did you see that?" Gray and Carter say "Yeah" in unison. Gray says "We'd better be careful, they might be on to us" you say "They". You look all around and you see a man in a cap with a scar on his face with piercing red eyes also staring at you..with the same tattoo. Then you see another woman sitting on the other end of the sidewalk...with the same tattoo too. They start following you from behind. Carter says "Careful, one of them is a Vampire." You guys turn around a corner and you guys stop suddenly. The man is in front of you guys, you turn around and see one of the women. You look to your side and you see the other woman. The man in front says "Hello"
  6. The man in front says "Allow me to introduce myself, I am Shane, this is Elizabeth (woman behind you) and this is Sierra (woman on the side). Gray says "Well it was...nice meeting you." Carter says "Run!"
  7. You guys run to a dead end, you turn around and they are walking towards you guys. Shane's eyes turn green. The ground started shaking and a vine breaks out from the ground and grabs Carter, strangling him. Then Shane's eyes suddenly turn back to red. You look at Carter and he is knocked out. You look back to Shane, and he looks worried, so does the girls. You see a shadow forming on a wall and suddenly a wolf charges out of the the shadow and leaps on Sierra, biting her. He gets off of her and Shane is carrying Sierra away and with Elizabeth.
  8. The wolf shifts into a man, he was the man at the Museum today! He walks toward you and says "I need you to come with me, hurry!"
  9. Lets just answer some random questions! Are you a fan of the Twilight Series?
  10. Do you like me?

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