Your Twilight Romance, Part 1

This is my twist on the twilight story. It still has most of the main characters but some of them are not included. It is your story and you find out who you have eyes for.

This is my first quiz i hope you like it. Please write comments on the quiz and tell me who you got and if you want me to write a Part 2. I hope you enjoy.

Created by: ellej
  1. It's your first day at school in this wet, cold town called forks. You are exremally nervous you have no friends at the moment... You park your car away from everone elses but not to far away from the school. You walk quickly into the school to the office to get signed in. "Good luck for today dear." The office lady says as she hands you a timetable of you periods for today and a school map."Thankyou." you say as you leave quickly. You came late and you don't want to be more late on your first day. First is Trig (your least favourite subject) but even though it is your least favourite subject you still walk quickly to avoid being late. When you get to the class room everyone stares at you and the teacher introduces you to the whole class. This makes you even more embarissed. The teacher shows you the last seat avalible it is next to a pale blonde boy who is quite attractive. When you sit down he covers his mouth and sits on the edge of his chair away from you.
  2. When you look at him he stares right into your eyes. He stares without blinking and his eyes are pitch black. For the whole class you feel his eyes on you, burning holes in your head. The bell rings for next period and you notice the boy next to you jump quickly and walk swiftly out the door. You have PE next (i was wrong about Trig PE is my least favourite subject). You packed up your stuff and walked out using the school map to find a quiet route you could take that not many people took so you could spend sometime to your self the think. The route was narrow not very open it had trees along one side and other side you could see the car park. You can hear foot steps behind you you look around quickly, it's the boy that sat next to you in Trig and he's gaining on me
  3. The boy grabs you arm and flings you onto his back. His hands are cold and it felt like he just broke your arm. "AHHH" You scream in pain but then you feel a cold hand cover your mouth. Then he runs with you on his back to a quiet, covered place just out of the school.
  4. He takes you off his back and puts you against a tree and pins your sides down with his hands. Then he moves his head towards you neck.
  5. He breaths in with his nose and then you feel searing pain on you neck. "AHHHHHHHHH" you scream as you look down and see the boys mouth on your neck with his teeth digging into it. You start trying to squirm away but everytime you do you feel his hands pining you down harder and his teeth on your neck get tighter. You decide to scream again because that's all you can do but you feel his cold hands move one pushing your body into the tree and the other over you mouth. You feel little your fading away and you give up you struggle. You feel like it's the end of you, that this was the way you'll die. *Black out* You wake up in a white room which seems to be a hospital room than you see a hansom boy with pale skin, a lanky build and bronze hair sitting in a chair next to you.
  6. "Are you O.K?" He asked with his velvet voice. "I'm a little stuned. What happened?" "You hit your head when you were walking over to PE and i was the closest so i thought it was my duty to bring you here." "But i never saw you. The only person i remember is a weird guy from my Trig class. He had blonde hair, black eyes and had pale skin... like yours. Do you know him?" I asked curiously. "I Don't think there was. You probably hit your head really hard." "No i remember him and i'm sure it happened, he took me out of the school and bit me on the neck." "Don't be silly he wasn't there. I think you should go home and have rest, let me take you."
  7. He drives you home and seems to already know were you live which surprises you. He gets out and before do he opens your door in a flash. You hop out of the car and Edward holds you hand.
  8. When you and Edward get to the door you notice Jacobs motorbike in the drive way and another car come. Edward stops and looks at the car coming to. When it stops a muscular boy with dimples and slightly curly, dark brown hair and is quite hansom. "Hay Emmett, did you deal with him?" says Edward. "He seems to have calmed down alot but he won't be about to go to school for a month."
  9. "That's good to know" Edward says. "Can we come in to your house we need to talk."
  10. Edwards hand is still in yous as you him and Emmett open your house door no one seems to be here. Edward walks over to the couch and sits down and so does Emmett you to sit down between them.Do you...
  11. "We have talk to you about what happened." says Edward. "And it would be best if you didn't repeat it." says Emmett. "Ok." you say, curious about what they have to say. "Well you know that boy you thought you saw, i had a think about it and i think i should tell you who he is. He's my brother, well not really my brother but everyone knows us as brothers and he's name is Jasper. He was trying to kill you but me and Edward got to him before he could." says Emmett. "How did you know Jasper was attacking me?" You ask. "I read Jaspers thoughts."Edward said. "Do you all read thoughts?" you ask. "No only Edward does but Jasper can control emotions." Says Emmett "He's new to eating animals and he hasn't been him self lately since Alice died but he's not the only one who has lost i loved one." says Edward. Emmett looks as if he's about to cry and leaves, walking out the house door. "Rosalie, Emmetts love died on the same day Alice did. We have no idea what happened and we've been looking around to find out who did it." continued Edward.
  12. "Did you lose a loved one." you say. "No, i've never had a love." He said. "Oh.." you say. "It smells horrible in this house." says Edward. "Really. It doesn't smell to me."you say. "Get off of her Leech!"Yells a voice from the other side of the room.
  13. "Hay dog." says Edward. "Get away from her blood sucker, you know you could hurt her!" says Jacob. "You could hurt her as much as i could Dog!" says Edward. Then Jacob turns into a huge wolf and jumps at Edward. TO BE CONTINUED.....

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