twisted unatural love story part 3

This is part 3 to twisted unatural love story! It's gonna be awesome.Just to recap, You're name is Emily!Ugh why do i have to write all this?blahblah

Carter:Blonde hair that hangs over his right eye.He has dark blue eyes He's a Vampire. Mark:Carter's Half- brother.He has light brown hair and light blue eyes.He's a werewolf. Dylan:Red hair and Hazel eyes.He's a fire talent. Andre:He has Black hair and bright green eyes.He is a water talent.

Created by: muzix4evrz123
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  1. You see Carter. He turns around. There's a man with a gun in his hand. "Unless you want a bullet in her head i suggest you step back."The man says.Andre turns around and he freezes seeing you in so much danger.Carter takes a step forward.The gun is now pointed at him.
  2. You struggle with the man .The gun shot goes off.Carter gasps and his eyes turn pitch black as he lunges toward the man looking as furious as ever.You feel dizzy.As you're about to fall,Andre catches you and puts his hand on your back.As you drift away you're able to mumble...
  3. You awaken to the sound of Dylan and Andre's voice.You still don't have the power to open you're eyes but you listen."D-Dylan,what if i was too late?What if..what if she's gone?"You hear Andre's worried voice ask."She'll be OK. She just has to be."replies Dylan.
  4. 8 minutes later you finally open your eyes."Emily?Oh god Emily please be OK.He says hopefully.His voice sound hoarse and he looks worn out and in pain.You're in his arms and you see you're in your room.
  5. You try to get up but you fall back into his gentle yet firm arms.You're back hurts like hell."What happened?" You manage to say."The guy you were fighting with shot you in the back.But one of my powers are healing.I have been here for 3 days trying to keep you alive."He says giving you a tired smile.He looks really tired.
  6. After you regain your strength you go out to the garden and see Carter staring into space,eyes hazel.You greet him.He says he's really happy to see you on your feet again.You think..
  7. "Oh thanks and I was thinking about you actually.And my eyes change color according to my mood."He says just as your thoughts pop up.
  8. "Yes i did.Sorry."He says reading your mind again."OK cool."You say. "What's it feel like to be bitten?By a Vampire?"You ask."You wanna feel?" He ask.You agree.
  9. He puts his arms around your waist pulls you close,and gently bites you on the neck.It was gentle,like a passionate kiss.But you are paralyzed and can't move.He pulls away and smiles,but he holds on to your waist a little longer.
  10. He goes back to his book and you see him blush.You go back inside to rest,but you don't get much. You're awaken to the shouting voices of Carter and Dylan fighting.
  11. Dylan is completely on fire (literally) and throwing fire balls at Carter.Carter is trying to calm him down.You can hear them "How could you Carter!""Trust me Dylan nothing happened!She wanted to feel a vampire bite so i was doing her a favor!""You kissed her neck! That's doing YOU a favor!"
  12. "Dylan,you have to believe me.You know i would never try to kiss her no matter how much i like her.I wouldn't put her in that kind of danger.I wouldn't do that to you guys.Please calm down and be quiet.You'll wake her.""She's sleeping?"He says more quietly.He turns back to normal and drops to the ground.He looks weak.Carter runs to him and helps him inside. You can't hear them anymore.
  13. "Knock,Knock."Says Mark as he sits on your bed."What are they-"you start."You.Sorry,My brother and I can read minds.We try not to do it too much it seems kind of rude."He smiles
  14. "See when you become queen,you'll need a king.We all like you Em.. Alot.And whoever you kiss,You will be with them forever.Of course if they kiss you it's ok.Only if you kiss them."He says.He kisses your cheek and leaves.
  15. You fall asleep.When you wake,you don't feel right.You feel light-headed and dizzy.And sleepy again.You drift out into the balcony.As you're about to collapse when Carter catches you. "Mark!Dylan!Andre!"he calls frantic "Emily no.No stay awake please."he whispers to you."He's in her!I can feel it killing her!Help her!"He shouts to the 3 boys shaking. "Emily don't do this please.Stay awake."You're trying you're best not to sleep. Mark transforms into a wolf and pins a guy to the wall that seems to come out of no where."Emily please.Oh God no."A tear rolls down his cheek as he whispers to you. "Emily?Don't do this to me.Em?Baby please no.."He sobs,his gentle fingers brushing against your cheek.The last thing you hear before you drift away is "Her pulse stopped."

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