Supernatural Love Story Part 3

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In a world of the supernatural, things are not always what they appear. You will go on a journey, to pick who you will give your heart to, but if you pick the wrong person, it could be the end for you...

Your life will become twisted so, choose carefully. Listen to your heart. And most importantly: Remember, stereotypes aren't always true... or are they? ;)

Created by: LolliePop1
  1. You wake up froma deep sleep, and the words from your mother's note keep re-playing over and over in your head. Could Dvid really be betraying you? He seemed so swet and sincere. YOu take a quick hot shower, change, and head out to the kitchen where you smell (your favorite breakfast) wafting down the hallway. As you walk in the kitchen you see Andrew fixing (your favorite breakfast) with a 'kiss the cook' apron on. How ironic. "Hey," Andrew says, "I knew this was your favorite, so I decided to make it for you this morning." He smiles, and a dimple shows on one of his cheeks. "But how'd you know if was my favorite?", you ask. He gets a far off kind of sad look in his eyes, but he shakes it away quickly and says, "Just knew." and shrugs. You walk into the dining room together, carrying the food. Brett sits at the table, and when you walk in he gets up and kisses you one the lips. Andrew glares, and Brett smirks. "Hey beautiful. Good morning.", says Brett. You smile back to him, and dig into the food, which after a couple seconds of eating it, you realize is really terrible. Andrew looks at you expectantly like, a puppy. "So... do you like it?", he asks. You say:
  2. Suddenly, David and Jonathan walk into the room fighting. "You know what you did Jonathan! Why don't you just tell her instead of acting like a coward!", yells David. "I didn't do anything, you're crazy! I did NOTHING!," Jonathan scream back. "What?! What happened!?", you try to yell over their bickering. "What were you doing Jonathan? We agreed it was HER choice, fair and square, no cheating!", David says. "GUYS!!!," you finally screech. THey both turn to look at you, slightly embarrased, "Would someone like to tell me just what's going on here?!" "Last night, I had to go to the bathroom, so I got up, and as I was walking down the hall I saw your door was open. So I looked in and there was Jonathan, sitting in your bed beside you. When I called his name, he sped back into his room at the speed of light. Now if that isn't suspicious, I don't know what is." David looks at you, wanting you to beleive him, but after the note you don't know if you can. "I wasn'y going to do anything, (your name), beleive me. It's just, as your guardian angel, I'm used to checking up on you at night, and that's all I was doing I swear." The guys all look at you expectantly. "Whatever," youu say, not sure who to beleive at the moment. THe letter still echoing in your head, 'Be wary, child, of what you see. Things aren't what they appear to be.' Maybe Jonathan really was just checking up on you? You were so lost in your thoughts, that you didn't hear the boys start to fight again. Now David was shooting black fire at Jonathan, who in turn was shooting white ice. You sheild you face, because the didning room was getting so wreckedup, that half the furninture was wither covered in ice, or birnt to the ground. Even the wallpaper was peeling off the walls.
  3. Suddenly you feel strong arm around you pulling you away from all the smoke, as you cough and hack. "Hurry! Get to Jonathan's room! It's the farthest away from the Dining Hall!," you hear Andrew say, as he pulls you along. you run as fast as you can, till you reach Jonathans room where you shut the door behind you. You can hear the fight still going on, and you collapse into Andrew, panting. "Why won't hry stop?!," you ask. Andrew looks sad. "They're just so different that thre's no way they wouldn't butt heads... They're also the biggest competition for you..." Andrew says. "You don't know that", you say, and smile, because he looks pretty sad right now.
  4. Andrew smiles, and looks kind of hopeful. Your gave drifts across the room, and your eye sets on a black letter on Jonathan's dresser. "What's that," you ask Andrew. Andrews brows go together, "I don't know. Let's go find out." You pick up the delicate black letter. "Wait...," you say, "Whatever is on this letter, we tell no one okay?" Andrew nods his head, and you carefully prie it open. An overwhelming smell of blood rushes up, and you notice the letter is written in some type of red ink... Andrew holds his nose, and you read the letter outloud. "My Dear Boy, I was so glad to hear that Darius had recruited you to join us on our task to free all the souls from the Underworld. It is great to have someone with such a close position to the target on our side. We have a mission for you. Join us at the Southern Entrance to the Underworld on Thursday night at midnight, to receive your mission. With Love, Larcianna" Andrew and you stare at eachother in horror. Had Jonathan turned to the dark side? How could he do this to you? "Larcianna is the Queen of the Vampires. She rules the Southern section of the Underworld under Satan. If she said 'recruited'... that means she has turned Jonathan into a vampire... emitting him unto the dark side forever....," Andrew whispers. With wide eyes, you stare at eachother some more.
  5. All of a sudden, the door to Joanthan's door starts to creak open, and the only thing you can think of is to stuff the letter down your dress. Jonathan walks in the door, and doesn't seen to notice at all that 1. You and Andrew are in his room 2. You look toootally suspicious and 3. You and Andrew are in his room!!!! Jonathan looks weary, and he takes your hand, "I need to tell you something," he leads you out of his room, and into your own. You both start to sit down on your bed. Good, maybe now he'll tell you how he's a traiter vampire, who wants to set free all the souls from the Underworld. Just as you are about to sit down, the letter drops down out of your dress. "Where'd you get that?!," Jonathans eyes go wide. "...Your bedroom," you say somwhat guiltily. But hey, he deserves it. He's the vampire. "Wh-what?!", he says. "Why don't you explain how you became a vampire, Jonathan," you say, standing up and crossing your arms. He looks at you, totally calm, "It's not my letter... I took it from David...."
  6. "WHAT?! I'm so confused! What's going on here!?," you yell. I saw DAvid carrying the letter last night, and so I decided to go into his room and check it out. Pretty scary stuff, huh?," Jonathan says. You don't know whether you should beleive him or not, but you decide it's a must that you confront David. So you just walk out of the room, and burt rightin on DAvid, who is sitting on his bed examining his burnt clothes. "DAvid, would you like to explain this to me?!," you hold up the letter, and he looks at it chocked. "My letter," he says. So Jonathan was telling the truth, and he isn't a vampire. "How could you!? I really thouh you were telling the truth when you said you just wanted to free the innocent souls, and that you liked me.... bu I guess it was all a lie!" tears start to build in your eyes. "No wait, (your name) I can explain-" "You don't need to. THe letter explains it all." You walk out of Davids room, and your last glimpse of him as him sitting on his bed with a single tear trickeling down his face.
  7. You know the only way to find out what's true and what's not is to follow DAvid tonight, and see what happpens at the ntrance to the Underworld. But how? You sit on your bed and rack your brain for hours. Jonathan and Andrew would never take you, because they want to protect you. And Brett can't do anything because he's mortal. You glance to your right, and a golden letter appears. You open it up, and read it: "See the door unto your right. Go through, and behold quite a sight. With help from what you soon shall see. You'll get to where you want to be. -Your Mother, Purgatta" You had never thought about what could be through those doors before, and you jump up and swing them open. What you see amazes you so much all you can do is stop and stare in awe.
  8. a balcony looks out unto the world below, and you can see practically everything.. but even more amazing is the winged lavender horse that stands upon it! A pegasus! You run over to it , and stoke it's silky mane. You spend hours staring in awe at both the magical horse, and the world below. Suddenly a gong sounds, and you turn to the grandfather clock behind you which reads 12:00. Midnight. It's time. Time to find out whats true and what's not. You jump on the horse, and it starts to take off and fly. It's scary, but the breeze feels nice, and you can see everything. The air starts to swelter, and swarm around you like a tornado. THe next moment you stand behind black willow trees, with a peep hole giving the perfect viewing area of the Southern Entrance to the Underworld. It looks just like a mining cave, and this surprises you, because you would hink it would be something more grand and spectacular. Suddely a hand grips your shoulder tightly and you scream.
  9. It's Jonathan. He looks sweaty, and distressed. It's the first time you've seen him like this. "(Your Name), why did you come here?! I never got to finish telling you something... it's very important I dont want you to get hurt- I-" He is silenced by an evil cackle, and youvboth move to the peep hole. Larcianna stand there in a black and red corset-dress along side a man with a cloak hiding his face. "i see you have joined us young one. THis is a great mission for such a young vampire," says Larcianna. you notice David kneeling before them. The traitor. "Wait. Let me introduce myself, I don't beleive we have met personally yet. I am Larcianna... and this is my assistant. The cloaked man lifts off his hood, and stares right at your eyes. You gasp... You can't beleive who it is... "I think we have a guest, Master," he says. He stares wickedly into your eyes, knowing that he had fooled you... It's...
  10. Part 3 coming soon!! So far who do ya like the best?! (I know it's hard at this point!? Teehee!)

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