Supernatural Love Story Part 2

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In a world of the supernatural, things are not always what they appear. You will go on a journey, to pick who you will give your heart to, but if you pick the wrong person, it could be the end for you...

Your life will become twisted so, choose carefully. Listen to your heart. And most importantly: Remember, stereotypes aren't always true... or are they? ;)

Created by: LolliePop1
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  1. You turn around and there is Jonathan, looking very concerned yet determined... and hot, definatley hot. "What's coming!," you scream. But Jonathan acts as if you didn't say anything at all when he says, "come with me. now." you are scared when he takes your arm... but you can't resist the tingle it gives you to be so close to him. He takes you in his arms and jumps out your window to an unknown destination.
  2. THe wind whips your hair as you fly up and up and up. Just as you think the sky will never end, the clouds part, and a white light that purifies you down to the core seeps through your body. You close your eyes and when you open them again, you're in a beautifully furnished room with a plush couch that Jonathan sets you down on. "You should be safe here," he says. "But what's coming," you ask. "I don't know...definatley something form the Underworld though. Butyou're safe here..." "Where am I?" "Your mother's house." You're confused, but then he explains, "We took the Heaven entrance to Purgatory, and you are safley put into your mother's quarters. As long as you stay upstairs here, nothing can hurt you. Make sure to trust no one." "Why are you leaving me?" Jonathan looks distressed but he manages to say, "I have to," before flying out an open window to the ground below.
  3. You hear a scream coming from downstairs, and you realize that it's none other than Brett's! What is he doing here, you think. You get up from the couch and run down the long ornatley decorated hallway, until you find a set of door which lead to a set of stairs going downward. Without a second thougt, you head down them to a room filled with so many people you can barley breathe. There are 3 more sets of doors, one opposite of you, them one left and right. The right door is open and has white puffy cloud stairs leading upward to happy music and joyful laughter: The entrance to Heaven. The doors on the left are also open, and then lead down to screams of agony and pain: THe doors to Hell or the Underworld. The people in the room look very nervous, and you realize they are the souls of the dead; eager to be appointed to either Heaven or Hell by the hand of your mother, Purgatta. But where is Brett? You heard him scream? Suddeny from the stairwell directly across from you, the most hideous monster you have ever seen enter the room. It emits a scream that is the exact replica of Brett's! It charges at you full force, and all you can do is sceam. Suddenly the monster lets out a blood-curling roar, and you open your eyes. There stands David plunging a saber into the monsters side!!
  4. The monster blows it's final breath, and collapses. David turns to you, yells, "quickly!", and then pulls you along with him down the satirs to the Underworld. "We have to hurry! Satan is angry!" We explode into a dark corridor, where David leads you into a dark room with a massive fireplace. "(Your name), there's something else I need to tell you..." "Well what!" "There's two ways to set us free... 1. You will it, but then you're bound to the Underworld... and me... forever.. or 2... we kill you. If you're dead then all the souls in the Underworld are free.. even the evil ones, and they can roam the Earth forever. THat's exactly what Satan wants." "I'm so confused why don't you just explain everything to me now," you ask him. David sighs and then sits you down on the cold hard floor. "After I was bound to Satan he gave me a mission: Find the last daughter of Purgatta, and kill her so we may be set free. I was not loyal to Satan though, and I only wanted the innocent souls set free, so I told Satan that I would find a way to make you our loyal servant instead. Well, Satan liked that idea better, and when I got into dark magic, I discovered the use of binding. A dark or light angel can bind a daughter of Purgatta to themselves by just one kiss. When you bind someone to yourselves, that means that the person must grant you every wish you desire, and they must follow you around the earth forever. THe binded person will have no problem with this because they are so hoplessly in love with the binder, they would do anything for them. So binding is pretty much like marriag.. except one person must be eternally grateful to the other one and bla blah stuff like that. You meaqn more to me than just to free me from this curse... so when I tried to kiss you..I-I though it woulld be ok... know..." He has a troubled look on his face again. "Love me," you finish for him. his face lights up in recognition, but he doesn't have the chance to say anything because a light fills the room.
  5. There stands Andrew holding the passed out body of Brett! "What happened!," you scream, but Andrew ignores you and says, "Unhand her!" He sets Brett on the ground and you rush over to him. Andrew and David size eachother up as David says, "I was only trying to protect her!" Andrew, "Protect her! Yeah a great way to protect someone is to unleash a Gicon on them!" Suddenly Brett coughs, and his eyes fluter open, "Where am I?," he says groggily. "I didn't send it! You know it's true," David yells. "Guys!", You scream, and they both run over. Brett regains full consciousness. "Oh and I caught this guy trying to sneak into the Underworld, following David! Way to go! One more mortal we have to kill," says Andrew. "NO!" you yell. Both boys/angels look surprised. "What? Do you know him," asks David. "Well...he's my... um..." "I'm her boyfriend," Brett fills in for me, and I can't help but notice the downtrodden expressions on the angel's faces, "and would someone mind telling me just where the heck I am?" "How did you get her," asked David. "Well I saw you hanging outside of (your name's) house, and when I came back to check on (your name) I found her missing, so I thought you might have taken her away so I followed you, and this beast knocked me unconscious... now WHERE THE SHIZ AM I?!?!?!" More light explods and Jonathanenters the room. THis situation just got awkward... "Your in the Underworld. My AMATEUR brother, led you here." "The Wha-? Is it okay if you just tell me the exit and we can go home?" "(Your name)'s with us now, Brett," Jonathan says as he puts his arm around you. "You know him?," Brett asks you. You knod your head, yes. "Or with me, she hasn't chosen yet," David glares.
  6. "There is a third choice, (your name)," andrew explains, "you can choose to surrender your powers to Purgatta and be human, and you wouldn't have to deal with this anymore." he looks hopeful I won't give that descision a chance. "Whoh, powers?" Brett looks at you freaked out. "I'll explain later," you say. Jonathan says, "Yeah because we have a little problem... Purgatta wants to see all of us in her chamber right away..."
  7. "Whoah seriously?", you say. Jonathan nods his head. "Well I can take (your name)," says Andrew. But Jonathan tells him to carry Brett instead, and you can't help feeling sorry for him. David says, "I think it would only be fair Andrew take her just this once, because you and I have spent the most time with her... and i'm soo not going to let you carry her and not me.." Jonathan looks dissapointed but he has to agreee, and David gives you a small wink as Andrew takes you in his arms. Your surprised that Andrew is actually... buff.. as you fly through the new opening in the ceiling Andrews blonde hair swirls in the wind, and he looks down on you with his deep light blue eyes and smiles. you check over on Brett, and he looks oh-so uncomfortable in Jonathan's arms, as does Johnahan. "I've always dreamed of this moment with you...being able to hold you in my arms like this and fly away...," Andrew says sweetly. "How did you know me before today,?" you ask him. He looks slightly amused, "Well all the angels becoming guardians wanted to become your guardian, because your the daughter of Prgatta... and cuz your," he blushes, "beautiful." You smile. "But Jonathan got you because he was the strongest and handsomest..." he looks sad. "So who's guardian are you now," you ask. "Well, after I failed to get you, I chose to be a messenger angel instead, forever living in my brother's shadow..." Jonathan looks back at you that moment, smiling with all his perfectly straight white teeth. "Listen... I want you to pick Jonathan... cuz I-I know your not going to pick me... and you have to stay on the light side... so ju-just promise me you'll pick him, okay?" You look into his eyes, "I can't promise you anything...," you say. And it's the first time you've seen a hopeful and dissapointed expression all in one.
  8. In an instant you're in the parting clouds inside a vast white marble room. One wall is completley moirrors and you all stare at it in awe. "(your name) and fellow angels, and mortal!!!!" a booming female voice says, sounding as if it comes from all directions. "To ensure the saftey of my daughter... and to further help her make the proper choice... I invite you all to stay in my kingdom, until the time has come where she must choose. I demand you stay! You will live in the upper courters, and boys... if you should decide to leave.. you will lose my daughter's hand and freedom or honor.... Do you understand?!" You all knod you heads awestruck. "Good. THen I instruct you to head up the staircase to the left, make yourself at home." The voice still echoed in the great hall, as you all made your way as quickly as possible to the stairwell and up the stairs.
  9. All of you head up the stairwell, silently, and enter into the most brilliant hall you've ever seen. branching off is a kitchen and dining Hall, and two long corridors. Then, like little kids you all race off down the hjallways to claim your room, the biys following behind you. you claim the room farthest down the hall, David next to you, Jonathan across from you, and Brett and Andrew on either side of them. As you open your door, you gasp, for it is all the most lovley color of purple you've ever seen. A note lies on the dresser, addressed with your name, but you have no time to look at it because Jonathan is walking in the door and he closes it behind him. "Hey," he says, and sits on your bed, patting a spot right beside him. "Hey," you say back sitting down next to him. "This is pretty sick we get to live together right?" he says and laughs. But then it grows serious, "Listen, (your name), David is only trying to deceive you. He wants you to beleive he has good intentions, but he's lieing. He never really loved you, he really just wants to set all the evil souls in the Underworld free, and is just using you. THe moment your alone, and un-protected he will try to kill you... You have to promise me something.," he doesn't wait for you to say yes, "Never go with DAvid somewhere alone... I mean, here in Purgatta's home it's alright because I'm here with you... but anywhere else... you just can't... promise?" He looks so sincere, you shake your head yes. He look happy, and he pushes some hair off your face before saying, "Well it's been a long day for the both of us, and we should probably get to bed..." He stands up and walks to the door. "I'm open for that kiss anytime," he says and winks.
  10. A couple minutes later, Brett pops in the door. "Ok I totally don't really understand what's going on here... but I get the vibe we're pretty much all vieying for your heart...," says Brett walking over and sitting on your bed. "Pretty much," you say. "WEll it was really creepy having Jonathan hold me like a girl... really creepy... it was just flat out not right man!" You both laugh. "So those guys can't kiss you, right?" You nod, wondering where he's going with this... "Well I still can..." Then Brett starts making out with you!
  11. All a sudden, Andrew walks in the room! He sheilds his eyes, and yells, "Sorry!" You push Brett off you and wipe your mouth. Brett says goobye and leaves the room, being glared at by Andrew. You walk over to Andrew. "I just wanted to say goodnight... I didn't expect to be intruding on a makeout scene!" He looks hurt and your face goes red, as you mumble sorry. Andrew sighs, "It's alright," he says, and takes your face in his hands. "I just wish there was a way I could win you over from my brother." he smiles a sad smile and says goodnight, and I love you, and leaves.
  12. Minutes later David comes in, and wraps you in his arms. you see he has tears in his eyes. You ask him why and he answers that he's been thinking. "about what," you ask. "your soul," he answers. you think that's kind of a weird answer. He explains, "When you bind someone to yourself, they lose their soul to the devil, even if they pick a light angel. Since binding is a dark art, your soul goes to the dark side... I don't know if I could bare for you to lose your soul.. maybe the better choice for you would be to surrender your powers now..." you answer, "I can't.. I haven't decided yet...I-I..." He wraps you in another hug, and says how sorry he was that he almost kissed you the first day. Then he leaves without a goodbye.
  13. You get changed with clothes you find in the drawers for bed, and when you are about to go to sleep, you remember the latter on the dresser. It is a golden paper, and you open it up. In it is a note written in flawless penmanship. It read: The greatest power hides his face. In tears, his father's torn disgrace Be wary, child, of what you see Things aren't what they appear to be THe true one's light shines out and in And he bares no immortal sin Beleive in what you always knew Or it could be the end of you -Your Mother, Purgatta You drop the letter to the ground in shock. All you can picture is David's face hidden by his hair, and how God, all of our Fathers, threw him down in disgrace...
  14. Part 3 coming soon! So far, who do ya like the best?!?

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