Supernatural Love Story Part 4

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In a world of the supernatural, things are not always what they appear. You will go on a journey, to pick who you will give your heart to, but if you pick the wrong person, it could be the end for you...

Your life will become twisted so, choose carefully. Listen to your heart. And most importantly: Remember, stereotypes aren't always true... or are they? ;)

Created by: LolliePop1
  1. "I think we have a guest, Master," he says. He stares wickedly into your eyes, knowing that he had fooled you... It's...Brett. Wow really? The only normal guy turned out to be .... not normal. How could he hide this from you the 2 years you'd been dating? Just then the expression on Brett's face changes from one of evil pleasure to one of terror and confusion. "(Your Name)! Run! You aren't safe here!" Brett says. What the shizz?!!!? Larcianna hisses and stares Brett down. "Foolish boy," she screeches. Brett's face becomes contorted with anguish and his eyes roll back in his head. His eyes return in a shade of flaming red, and he looks at youe evilly agin. "Come closer, girl," he says in a somewhat deeper gravelly voice than his usual. What is going on?!?!?
  2. You look to Jonathan for help. "Larcianna has taken over his mind. He has no power over what shhe tells him to do," Jonathan explains. OOOOH, you think. You feel yourself lifting in an itching burning flame over the trees onto the outside of the entrance to the Underworld. You land with a hard thump on the ground in front of David at Larcianna and Brett's feet. You try to stand up but some invisible force hold you down. THe new creepy version of Brett walks down and hold a knofe to your throat as Larcianna speaks, "You have a choice, girl. I will restore Brett's brain to the way it was if... you kiss David and free all the souls from the Underworld unto the Earth above. If you choose to leave now with your little friend Jonathan, I will hold Brett captive the way he is and also keep David as a slave. ...THe choice is yours..." And evil smile drew itself upon her face. Yuo knew what you had to do.... you....
  3. decide to kiss David. You can't let Brett and David rot in the Underworld forever. "I'll do it. I'll free the souls from the Underworld." you say. "Smart thinking my dear," Larcianna says in her crepily smooth high-pitched voice. DAvid stands up looking extremley giulty. "You don't have to do this you know," David says. "Yes i do." "I can still explain," he says back,"but not right now, I really can't let you do this." Why won't David just shut up? Hasn't he done enough damage already by betraying you?Brett moves back, and shoves you closer to David. you close yuor eyes and wait to change the world forever. You wait and wait but the kiss isn't coming. you peek and eye open, and you see David moving in very closely as he fiddles with something under his coat. Suddenly a black flame shoot out of David's jand, bigger and unlike anything you've ever seen before. The flame shoots right at Larcianna, and she begins to evaporate slowly. "Foolish girl! You will regret this for One betrays you. One deceives you. One lies still upon a bed. One will hold the knife which makes you dead!!!," Larcianna finishes as she didinigrated into nothing. Does every pice of advice have to come in creepy rhyme form? Why can't anyone just tell you who to pick!!!
  4. As soon as she is gone Brett collapses to the ground, unconscious. You run over to hjim. Soon Jonathan and David are at your side. "Is he okay," you ask. "He should be fine. now that Larcianna's spell is broken, he should return back to normal when he wakes up in a few days. But I have heard of relapses. When Satan gets inside you, you can never really get him out," says Jonahan. "What happened back there by the way," you say to David. "I tried to tell you before! I was only pretending to be a vampire servant for Larcianna because I had heard of her plan to capture Brett and use him as her puppet. I didn't want Brett back wit you in the house like that, because I knew he would eventually become stronger than me and be able to kill you. Beleive me. Please.," He looked so sincere you couldn't help but trust him.
  5. You tell them to help you pick Brett up off the ground, and you carry him into the forest until you can find a way to take him home. When you've set him down a light appears, and a panting Andrew stands before you. "I've been looking for you guys everywhere!! What happened!!!??", Says Andrew. "A little late Jonathan replies back, and Andrew takes in an unconscious Brett on the ground. "What happened?" he asks. you David and Jonathan all look at eachother. "Long story," you all say at the same time. "So... no ones a vampire...?" Andrew asks. "Not really," you say back. "Andrew smiles at you, "Good then we better gat home. Who rides with who?"
  6. "I'm not carrying that thing again," says Jonahan as he gestures at Brett. "It's your turn Andrew," says David. "A[no urls] but guys...!!!," Andrew says, as he heaves up Brett on his shoulder and takes off into the sky. "Well who gets to carry her now?" asks Jonathan, and he and DAvid look as if they're goinfg to get into another fire war like in the dining room.
  7. "Wait," you say, and you walk back over to where you had looked through the trees at the entrance to the Underworld, and find your lavender horse still standing in all its magnificence. You bring it baack over to the guys, and explain abuo it, and say you'll just takei it home. They don'tlook too happy, but they reluctantly agree. you fly through the air and in a flash you're in your room. Alone. Everything had disapeared. On your bed is a single golden letter. You open it, and it reads, "Never beleive in the ordinary, in a world of the extraordinary. Your mother, Purgatta." Okay... what could this mean. you throw it down on your bed in frustration, and head out the door to the living room to see if the guys are there. you find Andrew alone on th couch sitting.
  8. Andrew turns. "Hey," he says. You see he has tears in his eyes. "whats's wrong," you ask him, as you sit down next to him on the couch. "it's just... I feel like... I let you down. out there. I wasn't there when you need me, and... I just feel like It's either going to be David or Jonathan, andi totally don't stand a chance. I know you won't ever pick me... but," his voice took on a determined tone, "I'm going to find out a way to make you want to... I just need to... get away for a few day and think.. I guess I'm telling you I'm leaving. But not for to long. Just long enough to figure things out," Andrew gets up and makes a few steps toward the window. "No Andrew don't you say." But wby the time you finish the sentance he is already gone.
  9. Yuo wonder what he has to think about, and are upset that he left so abruptly. Why did he have to go? You decide to check in Brett's room to nmake sure he's okay. you open the door, and find him lying on the bed, still un conscious. You go over to the side of the bed, and think that you can tell he's not breathing. What the? You check his pulse and he doesn't have one. you put your head to his chest. No heartbeat. What the hell!!! Is Brett dead???? Tears well up in your eyes. You put a hand on his cheek, and suddenly his eyes open to a bright red. His neck contorts at an odd angle and he smiles wickedly at you. Suddenly he's up and his hands are around your neck.... THe pressure is so tight that you couldn't possibly call for help....
  10. So far who do ya like the best?!!? ;)

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